a fortnight ago

**warning:  there are a ton of pictures in this post!

in 6 1/2 years, i finally got another opportunity to be with The Mr. while he had work to do.

though this time was a little better than the world’s best massage in beautiful Asheville.

just 2 weeks ago, jovie was enjoying her time with gramma & grampa (& christina) while i got to embark on a journey across an ocean to another continent.

jovie is i am so lucky.

we pulled it off rather quickly.  i went to sleep one night about a month ago feeling disappointed that i wasn’t going to meet The Mr. in dublin for a long weekend.  i woke up the next morning & found out that maybe i could! i then drained his delta miles, called some fabulous sitters, and ventured to ireland.

so just 2 weeks ago today, we finished up walking all of Howth- a quaint fishing village just outside of dublin.

we walked through a castle’s backyard, through a forest-of-sorts, up (and then down) a cliff and saw magnificent views of ireland.  i’m so glad we took this day-trip because it really was as ireland as you would picture it.

it even came complete with a rainstorm (luckily) during our lunch [& not 10minutes beforehand, when we were standing next to a giant metal antenna]  where some dutch ladies, a californian and we huddled altogether with all of our umbrellas on the patio of a cliffside restaurant.  don’t worry, our beers didn’t get soggy.



hey little guy.

hey little guy.


backside of Howth Castle

backside of Howth Castle

that IS how you picture ireland, right?

that IS how you picture ireland, right?

we're in the backyard, making our climb....

we’re in the backyard, making our climb….

for blogand we are rewarded with some magnificent views:


0066we were pretty tired by the end.  it was a day of walking. but so very very worth it.

Sunday we didn’t have any plans, and we had lunch at a cafe and walked around a bit in the shopping area of dublin when we saw a sign promoting Riverdance.  we’ve never been very interested in it, but figured -what the hell.  when in rome……

and oh em gee we were completely taken aback.  i had no idea what we were getting into.  it was amazing!  to see riverdance- on stage!  in dublin???   and if you haven’t ever seen it, i strongly urge you to youtube it right now.  i will wait……..

……  now that you’ve seen it, i urge you to go see a LIVE show.

3 words swam through my mind the whole time:   precision, synchronicity & power.

amazing.  we both were thoroughly entertained!  and we just bought tickets, went and had lunch at a pub with a quaint view, then returned for the 2:30 show.  not a bad seat in this house….

monday was a Bank Holiday- which is ultimately one of the deciding factors of determining i could go on this fabulous trip.  so we just spent it walking through the city some more.

one place we spent some time at was St. Stephen’s Green, which one gentleman referred to it as “the Queen’s Garden”


we also saw a castle in downtown dublin, trinity college, & 2 cathedrals that i just couldn’t get over because they were built 200+ years before we were even “discovered“.  i admit i had to go and touch the walls.

so much was good about this trip.

Thank you Thank you Thank you again, Gramma, Grampa & Christina for letting this happen!!Jovie was thrilled when i told her i was going to go and leave her with y’all.  she was delighted with all of your activities.  and now she tells me sometimes that SHE is going to go to ireland in just a few years.

i’ll definitely go with her!





8 Responses to a fortnight ago

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We’re so glad you had a great time in Ireland and we had just as much fun with Jovie!

  2. Karen says:

    wow Chelle!! Beautiful! Glad you got to go!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. So happy that you both were able to get away. Love & Miss you 3

  4. Barb says:

    Looks like you had fun. Glad you got to go and J had bunches of fun here.

  5. Aunt Julie says:

    We loved Ireland. Did you go to blarney castle?.

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