a girl & her cats- a second photo story

i had the idea for this post the day before jovie started kindergarten, but, well, you see- there were other things to be posting about.  and when i looked to link up to the other posts, i realize it’s been almost exactly 2 years since we’ve done this.

here is another photo session with yiminy.  the difference this time is the fact that the photographer was jovie.  2 christmases ago, Santa gave jovie a kidzoom camera.  it was at first used for the 2 little games on it.  then it was largely unnoticed & relegated to a toy bin somewhere.

even when she decided she wants to be a photographer (and a florist, and a “show actor”) she didn’t think to actually use the camera for real.

until recently.

she was playing with all the gadgetry of it & thought she found the perfect model in yiminy.   let me share:

it all started with this

it all started with this

and he liked it, so he's playing with her.

and he liked it, so he’s playing with her.

then came all the fun gadgets.  while i was in the kitchen doing something, i kept hearing all these clicks.  overandoverandoverandover.  it was her arranging all the backgrounds and taking new pictures of this patient model:

kidzoom 8-11-13 445

kidzoom 8-11-13 441

perfectly framed, if i do say so myself.

perfectly framed, if i do say so myself.

there's a cloud on your head

there’s a cloud on your head

kidzoom 8-11-13 438

then she found the psychedelic setting

then she found the psychedelic setting

and she ended with an almost perfect framing:

kidzoom 8-11-13 451too bad he was oblivious.  but he’s come a long way in his modeling career!  at least this time he stayed put.


in sad news, i need to report that on the 2nd day of school, The Mr. & i had to make the horrible decision to put our other cat Doh down.  she had been inexplicably sick for over 6 months.  unfortunately, when i came home from ireland, things got a little worse, & we had to do the only thing we could for our sweet cat.

it was terribly ruf for us.  jovie is OK because Doh was afraid of people & tolerated jovie as much as she could, but she certainly wasn’t the social cat.

she was the softest cat on earth, and i fell in love with her 8 years ago with yiminy in my arms asking The Mr. “can we get two??

oh we love you doh-doh.

oh we love you doh-doh.

we have her ashes in a (tiny) box and her pawprint (!!!  that made us bawl. we had no idea!) in our closet, where she spent much of her time hiding from life.

The Mr. & i miss our dohhy time, and yim does too.

we’re just very glad jovie handled it with no problem.


4 Responses to a girl & her cats- a second photo story

  1. merediths says:

    Those pictures are cool! Our little toy camera bought for DJ didn’t do anything cool like that! At least I don’t think it did….
    And I’m so sorry about Doh. I know that had to be rough. We fuss and fuss about our cats, but I know we’ll miss them if anything happens to them. I’m glad Jovie’s ok.

  2. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Now she just has to scrapbook the pictures. I think I may have some stickers, paper and even an album for her!
    RIP Doh. You will not be forgotten.

  3. I better watch my back! Jovie did a great job with those photos! Too cute.

    So sad about Doh. *hugs* She is a sweet cat.

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