since kindergarten

i see i haven’t posted anything about KDG…

and since we started school, we have:

  • said goodbye to Dohhy
  • started dance again
  • gone back to the fair (it came early!)
  • had TWO sick days (i hate that “24hr rule”— and it turned out she got sick again! on Labor Day)
  • started Daisy Scouts (i’ll hook you up with some cookies)
  • said goodbye to Daddy (who is upside down on the earth right now; going to bed when we wake up & eating supper when we’re having breakfast)
  • “sung” in a mini-performance for a parent meeting
  • and went to greenville.

kindergarten is going well.  she seems to like it, and is such a little rule follower.  sometimes we see her raising her hand at dinner to talk.  because she’s “practicing”.

she is still in the transition stage.  she’s coping okay, but she has reverted to sucking her fingers again.  she stopped that habit for a year!  and worse yet, she’s doing it at school.

no doubt it’s all overwhelming.  twice as many kids as she has been with before.  long days. and so much to do academically.  i’ve been in her class a few times for a few minutes each.  and in the 10mins i’ve spent there total, i’m already seeing it’s so very much ALREADY like first grade back when I taught.  [which frustrates me personally]


yesterday we went to the book fair, and she was able to buy 2 books.  she had been getting excited for the book fair, because they have really been promoting it on the morning announcements/TV.  when we talked about it last week, she was excited about going to another fair.  i realized she thought there would be rides.  she was disappointed to hear it’s not even outside.  i don’t know why they call it a book “fair” either!

when i explained what it was, she was excited to have the idea to count her money in her piggy bank so she can “hopefully buy some books”.  turned out she had $5 in her bank, and i matched it for her.  she was so delighted with it all and already asked if she can do that in first grade too!





go tigers!

go tigers!

our friend Kemp (in greenville)

our friend Kemp (in greenville)


2 Responses to since kindergarten

  1. Barbara says:

    Love to hear all about Jovie! Keep the stories and pictures coming. Jordan and I are going to Columbia for Thanksgiving. (long story short, all 4 of us were going, but Chan can’t get off work and Steve just started a new job). I HOPE we will be coming up for Christmas. If Steve has to work, I may come up after Christmas for he Potter Christmas. Can’t wait to see Jovie then. (and you and Ben too)

  2. […] way back when, while we were in greenville, i was able to capture a moment or two of jovie playing outside with her kitchen stuff.  she was having a fun time feeding gramma & her friends, and just meandering about, as jovie usually likes to do.  but then i saw this and i couldn’t help but crack up: […]

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