funny girl

just a quick post to document that we are on the cusp of jovie developing an actual sense of humor.

i know i can’t remember all the nuances & instances of what’s been happening lately, but it is really pretty funny to be in the middle of it.  believe me, i’m not usually so aware of things like this.  if it’s not obvious, i don’t see it.  but i’m seeing things more often that show me that her humor is expanding.

of course, she’s still a silly girl.  a 5yo who will make crazy faces/noises, make up words, stick out her tongue, do a silly dance, & tell her own nonsensical jokes that are funny only to her.  she will, on occasion remember a good knock-knock joke to tell me.  she recognizes that preposterous ideas are funny.

but now i see that she may look like me, but she is developing a sense of humor like The Mr.  (the funniest guy i know)

a few recent examples:

way back when, while we were in greenville, i was able to capture a moment or two of jovie playing outside with her kitchen stuff.  she was having a fun time feeding gramma & her friends, and just meandering about, as jovie usually likes to do.  but then i saw this and i couldn’t help but crack up:


also, gramma & grampa were here last weekend, and she was talking to g’pa, asking him to rhyme words with her.  “grampa- what rhymes with cat?”………  and after they named a few, she chose a different word…….  that continued a few rounds when she said “what rhymes with orange?”  of course, when she heard me laughing about that from the kitchen, she continued to ask about purple & silver as well.  she knew she could stump him, and she recognized that was funny.

another example is what she got me for my birthday.  The Mr. told me she got me something, & picked it out herself.  she was delighted to give it to me (wrapped herself, too!)  and it was a magnet.  of a half-ladybug & half cat.  it just says “i’m catbug”.  she got it for me b/c she knew it would be funny.  & it really is!

[and now i see i’m the idiot who didn’t know that was actually a thing.  of course it’s a thing. they made a magnet of it! but we didn’t know that, and it was funny].

i’m loving this humor!


One Response to funny girl

  1. merediths says:

    Very sweet! And the sense of humor stuff is funny.

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