long overdue

yes, i know November is now officially 1/3 over, and i have yet to post the obligatory halloween photos.

The Mr. came home from canada about 3 minutes after we got done trick-or-treating, & the next day/weekend we spent with gramma & grampa, followed by having The Mr. home for the week before his next jaunt.  so last week i took advantage of having him home & we got stuff done around the house.

that did not include blogging, apparently.

then the g’s came for a visit this weekend so that i could go see Ghost the Musical at the Fox.  it was so cool!  i recommend it for anyone who semi-liked the movie Ghost & who likes special effects on stage.  i thought it was highly entertaining, though a little campy.  so there’s my 2cents.

you didn’t come here for musical reviews, though, i’m guessing.  so…..

may i present to you:   Tinkerbell!


this time she chose skittles.

this time she chose skittles.

jovie, why do you want to be tinkerbell?

"because bats & witches fly, so i want to fly on halloween, too."

“because bats & witches fly, so i want to fly, too.”

even tink can have ferocious teeth.

even tink can have ferocious teeth.

***this was probably the worst tinkerbell costume ever.  we got it for her birthday, and the velcro ripped part of the fabric as soon as i took it out of the bag.  the wings ended up breaking, and she used dollar store wings we luckily had instead.  before they broke, they were awkward and not staying on very well (thus the break).  nevermind it was lime green & long with cheap gold bows in the front, not a hint of the short sheared dark green that tink actually wears.    there’s my 2 cents.

so, there.  in lieu of blogging lately, i just gave you four cents!  you’re welcome.


3 Responses to long overdue

  1. merediths says:

    I didn’t even know there was a Ghost musical! That’s cool! As for the costume, some are just so flimsy. Glad she was happy with it. That’s what matters. I bought Little Elvis a Super America last year, and the neck got a runner in it (just like you do with hose) as soon as he put it on. I was glad we waited for the after Halloween sale.

  2. Angella says:

    I love that Tinkerbell has fangs. 🙂

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