here’s another long overdue post about the happenings this fall.

right before halloween, we got out our firepit for the first time this season.



in the great words of eddie murphy:  now that's a fire!

in the great words of eddie murphy: now that’s a fire!

& right after halloween, we went up for our usual trip to Skytop Orchard with gramma & grampa.  we made just a quick trip out of it- no mountain house this year.  we left right after school & came home sunday so that we could go back to school again.  man, this kindergarten schedule can be difficult!

it was a lovely weekend with some great weather.  the orchard was visited, views were awwwed at, cider donuts were eaten, parks were played at, football was watched, ipad was played with, gramma & grampa were tired out & we enjoyed our time there!!








the following weekend was spent here, as I mentioned when The Mr. went down under again, and the g’s came for a visit so I could go see Ghost the Musical.  The Mr. is now home, safe & sound.  and i *think* his body knows what time it is.

he’ll enjoy working from home the next few days & then we gear up for the Thanksgiving Holidays!

i hope yours will be calm & enjoyable!



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