so, i guess i haven’t been blogging.

but since our last post, we have been:

  • playdating
  • Sound of Music-ing
  • redecorating [living room]
  • Greenvilling
  • Thanksgiving-ing
  • eating, relaxing, eating, playing, ipad-ing, eating, park-ing
  • Fayettevilling
  • christmas-ing
  • decorating
  • schooling
  • dancing
  • christmas lights-ing
  • CFA peppermint shake-ing [oh so so good]
  • crafting
  • scouting
  • library-ing [jovie’s THRILLED to have her own library card!!]
  • magicianing [even had The Mr. highly entertained!  & he’s pretty scorned by children’s entertainment]
  • parade watching
  • legolanding [jovie finally (and dubiously) earned her trip to go!]
  • breakfasting with my friends & The Mr.
  • erranding, cleaning, shopping, cooking
  • playing
  • holiday video watching
  • exercising
  • wrapping
  • enjoying

and The Mr. has not been traveling (SSSHHHHH. please keep that a secret.  don’t tell his work!)
[though he did have a quick trip last week that earned him diamond status.  do you know how you get diamond status?  you travel about 200 days of the last 325 or so.  up to this point, he has only not traveled for 6 weeks this year.  two of those weeks were vacations.  we’re so so glad he is home for the duration!]

coming up we will be:

  • Gramma & Grampa-ing
  • (more ipad-ing, playing, smiling!)
  • recitaling [she’s a baby doll in the show]
  • Nutcrackering [The Mr. & jovie’s first time to see it; not sure how good it will be— a local show]
  • schooling
  • scouting
  • caroling
  • holiday videoing
  • Uncle Nate-ing
  • Santa visiting
  • more lights-ing
  • more fun-ing
  • more enjoying!!!

i will be sharing pictures of some of these items soon.




3 Responses to updating

  1. Jovie says:

    it’s Uncle Nate-Y

  2. […] as promised (though a little later than originally intended) here are a few photos of […]

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