merry & happy & belated

ah yes…

i couldn’t wait to focus on posting some pictures & tell about our wonderful holiday when jovie went back to school.  but we in the south don’t exactly know how to handle cold weather, so we canceled school for the first TWO days back.  with pretty much unheard of single digit temps & negative wind chills, they called off school for buses and kids waiting at bus stops (i presume).  add to that that jovie missed THREE days that last week of school for being sick, and let me tell you we were all ready for school to start again.

*preview of summer*  UGH.

however, The Mr. was home for all of it.  so that was super nice.  (except when he was sick over christmas.  and, him being him, still wanted to help and do everything he usually does even though he was completely run down)

all was well.  time with Gramma, Grampa & Uncle Natey was fun & well-spent.  they were all here the week of christmas.  then the next day jovie & i headed to columbia for Potter Christmas & my BFF becky brought ansley up to surprise jovie while we stayed in the “omelette hotel” for the night.

and we’ve hung around here ever since. it was very relaxing & enjoyable.  but it’s good to be back in the swing of things.  now we have to unplug jovie from whatever device we allowed over these 3 weeks of sick days, cold & rainy weather, and holiday fun.  she watched more videos & played on more i-things than ever!

here’s just a taste of some of the 350 pictures from december:

from Legoland:



in front of the “braves stadium” at legoland. the mini-city was my favorite part!

0021that’s jovie practicing to be a singer.  i told her to sing twinkle twinkle because she didn’t know the pop song that was playing on the karaoke.  (not sure what any of that has to do with legoland, but we went with it…)

here she is as a “babydoll” for her december ballet recital.



playing in “snow”


which probably lasted 10minutes.

finally she had gotten well enough to utilize some of the advent activities i made up for us to do.  everything was put by the wayside for either busyness or sickness.  she was delighted to finally make the gingerbread cookies:


first ever gingerbread man


mmmmm now the fun part

and hooray!!!  we went to school for the 2nd day and got to go to the party.  she’s hamming it up in front of her “gingerbread” house:


we got home from the party & i had just decided that with everything going on that day/week/sick…. we were going to skip dance.  i didn’t want to overdo it.  clearly i made the right decision:


!!!  anyone who knows us knows that jovie 1. hasn’t napped in ~3 years!  2. never sleeps anywhere that is not a bed designated for sleep. 3. hasn’t slept on one of us probably since the other random time at 9months old at callaway gardens!  this is a picture of my having brought her down from sleeping face down on the floor on one of her stuffed animals to try to wake her up since it was almost time for dinner.  she slept on me about 1/2 hour more until we reaallllly had to wake her up.

turned out she had a fever and stayed home the last day of school.  what you don’t see is the couch where The Mr. is laying because this was day one of him having to fight “the little girl cold” that turned into “guiness book of world records sore throat”

Uncle Natey came in and we all went to have lunch at CFA to see santa.  she colored this picture for him 3 weeks ago and couldn’t wait to bring it to him.


next day was rainy & we were stuck inside.  so The Mr. brought down the Atari & played it on an HD big screen TV as was originally intended.  we spent the day playing old school games on both Atari & Nintendo.0061

0068Preparations were made for my annual cookie exchange party.


0071then it became xmas eve, and we had a very short-lived chilly time at the park while The Mr. wasn’t feeling that well, and jovie had a giant coughing fit.  we figured the 36d weather probably wasn’t ideal for her.  but first, there was this:



Uncle Natey is king of the playground!


not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

then, as usual, we had apps for dinner.  you know- the kind you eat; not the kind you play.  & laid out cookies before bed.  she thought santa would really want five cookies this year, since she’s five.  i hope we didn’t give him a belly ache!

0101next morning of course came with the thrills of christmas.  it was nice, and jovie was quite pleased with the fact that Santa picked out the right American Girl Doll, and i was quite pleased that she came up with such a great name.  I’d never heard her mention it before, but here i present to you:

Jovie & Clarabelle

Jovie & Clarabelle

goodnite girls

goodnite girls

lots of eating, playing & hanging out ensued.

there’s more from december…. but i have dragged this on so very long already.

have a great weekend!



3 Responses to merry & happy & belated

  1. merediths says:

    Sorry about the sickness! But it looks like you had a great Christmas!

  2. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We had a great Christmas week also. So much fun!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jovie is getting sooo big. I really missed her and you at Christmas. I hope to see you soon.

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