the rest of december…

…. and into january.

so, as i said, we have thoroughly been enjoying The Mr. being home.

he leaves soon, and i fear another year of constant traveling is upon us. so i’ve tried to soak up what i can in having his help, and having him make me laugh, and having him take care of us and the cat(s) and everything around us.  it’s been nice just being able to watch tv together.  we are currently wrapped up in season one of downton abby…  can you believe that girl wore PANTS to dinner???  is that more shocking than the tiny hole in the server’s jacket?  the audacity!

so- on to our goings-on:

on christmas, we were able to re-instill the old tradition of going to the movies on christmas day!!  we haven’t done that in ages- and this was the first time jovie ever went to the theater!  we saw Frozen* & jovie loved the whole experience.  (and kudos to her timing that she & i were in the bathroom during the part that would have scared her to pieces!)  she keeps asking when we can go see another movie.  i have to keep explaining to her that 1. it’s expensive, and 2. there’s not always good kids’ movies out.

the next day, we took the g’s & uncle natey for a day out.  we showed them High Falls & then we went to a nature preserve called Dauset Trails.  it was a much-needed very pretty day!



0188when we came home, all of us were very tired from walking and being outside.  i couldn’t wait to curl up and veg out since i had no cooking to do (turkey sandwiches & chips the day after, thankyouverymuch).  but as soon as we got out of the car, jovie surprised us all by excitedly exclaiming that she wanted to ride the bike.

you see, The Mr. & i knew that even though jovie has no interest in wheels, she would never gain an interest if we didn’t keep exposing her.  the next step from the passenger trailer is a riding trailer.  we knew we were shelling out some major money for her to roll her eyes & never want to participate.  We figured if she wasn’t interested, we couldn’t force her, and we’d just sell his & her xmas presents.  she wasn’t too thrilled when we presented it to her on the big day.  but then, we spent the day at the movies, so there was not any time to garner interest.  so when she wanted to, even though The Mr. had little energy & the guiness’ record sore throat, he took her.


0214and she loved it.  a few days later, she learned how to pedal & balance better:


oh, mom- i got this!

 then on saturday, i took jovie to columbia for potter xmas.  she had a blast!  and what she didn’t know was that my BFF was surprising jovie with bringing ansley up to spend the night in the “omelette hotel”.  we had adjoining rooms, and when they got there, ansley knocked on the inside door and jovie was thoroughly confused.  i said- hey- see who it is.  she widened her eyes and said “you’d let me???”  HA.  the girls had a blast playing.  they didn’t want to leave so we ordered pizza in & just hung out.  it was great!

0259what a great holiday break!

january brought more cold weather, more videos & the return of school & scouts (which she is loving).  everything is going well so far & it will be a bummer when all this fun is over.


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