oh man, despite ATL being so very very tragically ill-prepared for the weather that said was 100% chance of,  we have certainly been having a good time in our snow days!

interestingly enough, our county was the only county around us that went to school on wednesday.  (we dismissed 1/2 hour early from school).  i ended up being first in line (a first for sure!!) in picking jovie up while it was snowing all around.

excitement abound!





i threw a “snowball” at her


the snow was unheard of around here- it was powdery and nice!  therefore, rather difficult to make snowballs & snowmen.  we tried- and finally found some slush in the road to help.  here’s jovie’s:0052the powdery goodstuff was perfect- because jovie has been waiting her whole life to do this:


0033lucky for her, i remembered library books were due. so before her school got called off, i went to the library to grab a bunch of books.  quite a few happened to be snow-related.  next to the library is the yummiest place in our town.  so i brought home some donuts for the hot chocolate.  because…. i mean….


about an hour after warming up, she wanted to go out again.  well, of course! i was too cold, so she went out by herself and came back looking like this-  all rosy cheeked and happy.  with snowflecks in her hair.


we woke up to this:

0058and i still have about 3 pix on the camera from yesterday.  i kept warning her that all this beautiful snow MIGHT have iced over.  she wanted to play after breakfast, but since it was only 14degrees (felt like one) we waited.  she played inside. and after lunch got to go out some more.  i was making cookies, and i joined her afterwards.

i was shocked that it was all still powdery.

we didn’t have school today-  cloudy day yesterday left little melting.  plus ATL area was still in chaos (embarrassing, really- for you northern friends! but truly- we just can’t handle the white stuff!).

everyone’s hopeful we’ll have school tomorrow.  i won’t be surprised either way.  it is in the low 40s and sunny; but apparently there’s still sheets of ice.

we have thoroughly been missing The Mr. who had his own sleety morning Tuesday in Austin.  he makes snow days way more fun.  at least he’s coming home tonight!

stay warm, everyone!


5 Responses to snow!

  1. kippy2001 says:

    How fun!!!! We had fun too…but our snow didn’t start until almost 8:00 pm so Peyton got to go out and feel the sno, but had to wait until Wed to get to play in it. Jovie looked like she really enjoyed herself! Her snow Angel was awesome!! Glad yall had fun! Love yall!
    Kip/Aunt Kippy

  2. merediths says:

    Glad she’s enjoying the snow! Looks like lots of fun, and that looks like a perfect snow angel.

  3. Angella says:

    Snow is SO FUN when you’re a kid. Glad she got to experience it!

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