recent pictures

okay okay okay. i know!  and i feel badly, too!

i uploaded my pix today from my less-often-used camera.

today on april 6th i finally saw pictures (and many videos) all the way back from january- the 1st snow!  that’s not the worst time span, though.  before we had jovie, there is a picture of The Mr. & me at christmas.  the upload date is mid-May.

before we venture off for her *first!* *spring!* *break!* (officially), i cleared my camera and do plan to use it a lot!

here are some pictures to tide you over.  there are several videos of her !!READING!! and !!RIDING HER BIKE!! but those will have to come later.  as Meemaw liked to say to me-  I ain’t got time for dilly-dallying.

here are a few faves:  (hope a few of them were worth the wait.)


prob’ly one of my absolute faves


jovie insisted upon them hugging “Dada Snowman” 2


a good pic of her chewing her first piece of gum. (we found out it was National Gum Day)


Happy Valentine’s Day!


why do you have to look so OLD?


putting on the finishing touches of the fanciest bike we could find in order to sway her to get on this thing already!


it worked!!!



2 Responses to recent pictures

  1. Barbara says:

    Love the pics! The Valentine’s day pic looks the most like you when you were a kid.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cute bike! Glad she likes it.

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