a few words

a quick post- no pix (sorry to The Mr.) but i did want to address this lil’ ol’ blog once more before the video goes up- which means the bean will be SIX. (gasp!!)

i should say a lot, and share a lot, but i’m running out of time (said video, party planning, household life, family time, etc….)

jovie just had a GREAT time with her wonderful Aunt Barbara so that The Mr. & i could have a GREAT time overseas.  [thanks again!!!]  luckily for me, i got to take another advantage of all the traveling he does, and i was able to join him in Munich.  he left the day before father’s day, and i’m so very happy (and lucky) he didn’t mind extending his trip a tad so that i could visit him when his project was over.  he took last monday off and we were in Salzburg.

We had pretzels, brats & beer a few times; once in the Olympic Stadium as we watched USA/Germany in the world cup (so! much! fun!).  the other time in a biergarten in Englischer Garten.

we walked and talked and enjoyed many nice meals & treats.  it was wonderful!

no worries-  jovie & aunt barbara also had nice meals & treats, though a little less scenic.  they had a blast.  we had a blast.  WIN-WIN.

we are so so very lucky that so many people love jovie enough to let us have vacations!!!

so we came home & vegged out in front of USA/Belgium & then tried to play catch up at the end of last week, complete with yesterday’s very fun Fourth of July! jovie enjoyed s’mores at the firepit, sparklers (!!) & our backyard neighbors’ fireworks (let them break the law).  we had a great time!

hopefully all y’all have been having as good of a summer as us…..

next post will be the video!  stay tuned…



2 Responses to a few words

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  2. […] have a nice dinner out.  i was able to have a Radler; which i haven’t gotten to have since Munich.  we were asleep by 9:45. i did not even hear the dad text me to tell me jovie was having fun.  i […]

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