birthday plans

well, i’m pretty sure jovie’s 6th birthday will be a memorable one.  we had hoped so…. but for different reasons.

way back when, we got info that The Little Mermaid would be playing at the Fox theater.  Add to that, there was a show on Jovie’s actual birthday.  I immediately called and found out that there wasn’t a matinée so we got tickets for Sat the 12th.  then it dawned on me that that would be the party day so we decided to bite the bullet and let jovie have a super super late night on her birthday and be super special. [changed our tickets]

way way back when, i decided Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie. kinda back when, The Mr. & Jovie got me the movie for my birthday. since then, jovie has been asking to watch it, but i didn’t think her sensitivities were quite ready yet.  fast forward- we bought the tickets for her birthday.  & we watched the movie a week ago for the first time.  she wasn’t too sure if she liked it or not.  in her words, “i liked it and i didn’t like it”

then- as they are wont to do- plans changed.

the short of it- jovie had what turned out to be poison ivy ALL. OVER. HERSELF.  we spent her birthday (&the day before) at the doctor and on the couch.  so every birthday tradition we have went out the window.  Luckily, the Fox is awesome and the guy changed my tickets AGAIN. and we were going to go on Sunday (last night). [which turned out to be much much better]

we all LOVED it.

The Mr. & i had season tickets last year; and this was THE BEST performance we saw.  hands down- worth it.

so the birthday, as i said was spent super low key.  which means we had our traditional mexican lunch for dinner the day after.  we didn’t go to the pool.  she spent the day watching TV.  because we had the performance to go to, dinner wasn’t planned.  it all ended up we had apps in front of the World Cup game.  &  if you ask if she had a good birthday she says “YES!!”

which is obviously all that matters.

saturday she was hoping to be able to swim for her party.  which she did.  she was looking so. much. better.

she delighted in having gramma & grampa come, as well as some of her friends.  we had a great time swimming and playing “pin the antennae on the butterfly” to go with her theme this year.  after dinner, the kids all ran around like crazy in the backyard.  she had a blast.  it was a great weekend.

and, like every year, she is delighted at being [six].

pictures will be up tomorrow…..  i wanted to get this up at least.

for anyone reading this that was a part of our weekend- thanks again!!!



2 Responses to birthday plans

  1. kippy2001 says:

    Hey, I couldn’t comment on the link for some reason (stupid laptop) glad she had a good birthday, so sorry about the poison ivy…but seems like it was still fun…glad yall got to see Little Maermaid (I would love to take Peyton to see it…and me…lol) Give Jovie a kiss for me…I heard so much about her from Barb…you know she totally enjoyed her time ith her!

    Love ya,


  2. […] were lucky enough to find yet another performance on her birthday.  we went back to the Center for Puppetry Arts (of which we are now members) to see Click Clack […]

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