Bama Bound

We had a quick opportunity to explore one of the 50 again this past weekend. [51 if you count Puerto Roco…. which I intend to!]

The Mr. has been home so much this year so far, but recently has been traveling more.  So we gave Alabama a quick night out.  We decided to go to Birmingham after my research of going to the coast left me with some amount of sticker shock.

Although I can appreciate that a beach house in the summer would be pricey, I wasn’t willing to pay more for 3 days in ‘bama than we paid for TN for a week!

Even though we were gone only one night, we seemed to pack in some good fun.  Of course, we got to go to a play-place science museum.  and then Sunday before leaving, we took a nice hike that Jovie did all by herself (~4mi round trip)





Dad had to join in on the fun


Hello, Birmingham

it was a quick but nice little jaunt.

We certainly look forward to the next state vacation!


One Response to Bama Bound

  1. merediths says:

    Very fun! Birmingham’s the next closest “big” city to us, and lots of people here prefer it to Memphis. I’ve heard great things about the science museum. Glad you guys had fun!

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