quick rundown

AAAAhhchooo!    excuse me.  I’m sensitive to dust.  And I guess I should dust off this ol’ blog and say something- anything!

see? i was right.  apparently when kids are older, things become less funny, important, or bloggable.  now that jovie’s in school, i have time to write.  but i don’t have a whole lot to say.

so i’ll just add some tidbits.

1. she’s really digging first grade.  she is reading so very well.  we are still surprised at some of the stuff she just reads to us.  and a little point to “brag” even though i am a former teacher and know this stat means nothing in the grand scheme of things….  we got some class data this past week and jovie was the ONLY kid in her class to know all 300 words that are to be mastered by the end of the year.

2. her teacher is reading Wizard of Oz to her.  so it’s fun for her to tell us about what is going on in the book.  (which is different than the movie of course… makes me want to read it, too!)

3. she learned to snap, tie her shoe & do a somersault all in the same week.

(yes, you read that right….  )

4. she still loves her PE days.  the coach is silly and she likes to show me the new exercises she’s learning.  (burpees anyone?)

5. The Mr. has been traveling some, but we all got to enjoy a fabulously lazy (though chore-filled) Labor Day weekend.

6. Jovie is in “level 2” ballet class.  which i keep calling “straight up ballet” and i think she thought that was like a different thing.  i wanted her to realize i no longer have to spend $$ on tap shoes each and every year that she wears for 7 mins a week.

she’s liking it.  i was not sure she’d be invited to go up to level 2 because she’s pretty clueless a lot of times.  however, i think she’s well-behaved and tries hard in class.  maybe they recognized that about her.  i also doubted she would want to be in Level 2 because last summer we learned that she will have to do her recital without a teacher on stage.  i’m glad that didn’t scare her off.  she has told me several times that she “will always want to go to dance class”

7. we are also starting a music class to see how that goes.  she loves music & finally worked one into our schedule.  we go tomorrow.

8. which means with Scouts (Daisy!) every other Friday, and OT each week….. we are very very busy.

9. so maybe we will drop music.  we will see how things work out…..

10. she’s growing up too fast.

i hope to write more later this week……..    thanks for your patience!


2 Responses to quick rundown

  1. merediths says:

    Glad she’s liking school! I read the Wizard of Oz this summer, and it was so different from the movie! I’m bad, because the movie was lots better. That’s great about dance!

  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s growing up too fast for us!

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