it’s october!

Seems i’ve been a bit busier than I anticipated.  Poor ol’ lonely blog.

The Mr. spent 19 days in the great down under and since he came home, we have enjoyed some lovely weather & some relaxing family time.  jovie & i are very glad it is finally autumn.  tho’ it’s not looking like it just yet down here, it has your typical cool morning/warm afternoon feel to it.

which is great because jovie loves loves to pretend outside. she so very much loves the swing The Mr. made for her.

from iphone 080

May 2014

i’ll watch her swing from my chair inside and see her swing and just talk up a storm to nobody in particular.

something else she’s been into these past 2 weeks (out of nowhere) is dressing up in her “fancy” dress.  and it is way way small.  which kinda stinks b/c we need to hang on just a littttle longer…..  last year i had the great idea for her to wear that and be Fancy Nancy for the school’s Halloween Book Character Parade.  but alas, she was insistent on being Tinkerbell.  but this year we are going to be Fancy Nancy, and now she’s all about wearing the outfit.  which we MUST put shorts under because wow did she grow!

we are looking forward to all that October has to offer.  i am having a girls’ weekend in the mountains (think fall color on mountain views, wine, coffee, massage) and then The Mr. will come join later and bring jovie. so we’ll all have fun at the annual orchard visit and hikes and such.

not to mention a field trip, halloween, and a few parties planned. and hopefully a tent in the backyard or firepit one day.

i hope yours is good, too!


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