still October!

Yay!  2 times in one month is great.

As mentioned, we got to enjoy some time at a Mountain House again.  The views were breathtaking:

view from the veranda

view from the veranda

one of those is Mt. Mitchell; apparently the highest point east of the Mississippi.  Grampa likes to bike up that thing.  For fun!

luckily he was able to just relax and hang out when they came to the house.  I went for Girls’ Weekend first and had a blast.  Mainly because I was with my friends. (& aunt Jo-Jo & aunt Barbara surprised me!)  And also because The Mr. brought Jovie on Sunday and this was their view:

view from veranda

view from the veranda

does that look familiar?  yeah.  and i see i didn’t post pictures from our trip to Munich/Salzburg.  But that looks about like my view from an Alp.  I told The Mr. he is no longer invited to Girls’ Weekends.  it really screwed my mood.

We tried to make the best of it.



0100we took advantage of Columbus Day (jovie was off both M & T) and we went to the orchard.  It’s our tradition so it was great to be able to go in apple season.  Jovie asked me a month or so ago if we could go and pick apples “because last time they were all picked already”.  i told her it all worked out perfectly because that was the plan.  we looked forward to more fun and fabulous views.  I am so glad Sky Top is “our” orchard.  I couldn’t imagine a better one.  but alas…..


not the views we were going for






no complaint, everyone looks like they still had a good time.  and face it- we come for the donuts!


and now, as October is ending, we have parties to go to, a visit from the G’s….  (they are coming in today so The Mr. & i can see Phantom of the Opera) & trick-or-treating to do.  I think this week will fly by.

Much like the last few years:





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