merry new year?

****updated one more picture (of the girls at potter xmas)

so i am combining the christmas and the new years and all the rest….

what a wonderfully fun 2 weeks vacation we had!  even The Mr. enjoyed himself.  this year’s xmas week seemed to go by quicker than last year.  tho’ don’t we all say that every year??

this year, Uncle Natey (& gramma & grampa) came for a few less days.  and the weather cooperated.  and get this!  NOBODY WAS SICK!!!!    what???  I KNOW!  i am as surprised as you.

so all that led to a jam-packed fun week of festivities!

beginning with Aunt Barbara coming for an overnight right after i posted the last time.  she wanted to be a part of our holiday celebrations & enjoy a littly around christmas time. jovie had a daycamp so we had some alone time; and then we went to see lights.  the house a mile away blew aunt barb’s mind because they are awesome at coordinating music to the lights.  she had a great time spoiling spending time with Jovie, and it was reciprocated.

then the last week of school seemed to fly by.

then we did this:


we were even lucky enough to have the Fabulous Christina come for a visit as well.  she was able to regale me with her own amazing tour of Europe & show me some (surprise!) AMAZING pictures.

The Mr. came in that same night and thus began a giant time of funning it.

sunday we went to the Center for Puppetry Arts for the 2nd time and we were absolutely delighted again!  [to any visitor wanting to hang in ATL looking for something to do…. highly recommend!  if you can find a show you will enjoy it.]  this time they were showing the holiday favorite Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and as my friend Sara said “it’s like walking into your TV set”.   RIGHT!

iphone 006monday was when everyone came & we surprised everyone by renting a mini-van & going to Callaway Gardens for the Lights.  unfortunately, The Mr. & i were disappointed in this.  [to any visitor wanting to come to ATL at xmas time, this is THE thing to do, apparently.  but it is extremely expensive & for what you get it’s not quite what we expected]  thank goodness we got a groupon!!  jovie loved it!!

went to the Butterfly house for about 1/2 hour before it started

went to the Butterfly house for about 1/2 hour

outside of dinner, offsite.  i didn't take any pix of the real lights b/c of the rain

outside of dinner, offsite. i didn’t take any pix of the real lights b/c of the rain

tuesday jovie got to go to a 2 hr art camp and she was thrilled!  The Mr. picked her up and the lady said that jovie just came alive and talked the whole time!  and how “we must get that a lot”.  The Mr. & i just laughed.  no, ma’am.  we do not hear that very often about jovie.  so we were really glad she got to enjoy herself.  and came home with a great painting!

you can even see Santa's sleigh

you can even see Santa’s sleigh

that night was my annual cookie party so my friends and i had a blast while the rest of everybody made themselves scarce as usual.

then it was the typical christmas/& eve.  we always enjoy hanging out (and eating. eating. eating)

she made a bag of reindeer food at a Girl Scout daycamp

she made a bag of reindeer food at a Girl Scout daycamp

she loves Daisy!  a kitty that can "come to life"

she loves Daisy! a kitty that can “come to life”

she asked Santa for a headband for Clarabelle.  clearly Clarabelle is equally excited.

she asked Santa for a headband for Clarabelle. clearly Clarabelle is equally excited.

jovie was amazed at the headband, ran upstairs & got clarabelle, who had been essentially sleeping since July 9th (when she got a bed for Jovie’s bday) and that was that.  jovie, however, wears her headband almost every day.

she actually forgot she had asked Santa for an Elsa dress.  she was so delighted that Santa knows what she likes!

she actually forgot she had asked Santa for an Elsa dress. she was so delighted that Santa knows what she likes!

friday was still a fun day, because we went to see Annie at the theater.  jovie had a good time, but it was a very different movie from Frozen (that we saw last year). she knows Annie (old-school) but the new version has a lot of new songs, so it wasn’t quite as familiar.  she didn’t mind the popcorn though.  it’s only her 2nd time in a real movie theater so everything is still new & exciting to her.

saturday everyone got up early and left to go back to “boston”, greenville & we went to columbia for Potter xmas.  jovie couldn’t wait to go and see everyone.  (even though, sadly, she knows so very few people).  she had a nice time and played around with some of the girls.

enjoying time with her cousins Caralee & Reagan

enjoying time with her cousins Caralee & Reagan.  Oh look! you can see The Mr. enjoyed himself equally.

then, even though they just left, we missed the G’s just sooooo much that we went to their house and spent the night.  and then, luckily, they took care of jovie while The Mr. & i took advantage of some of his days off (and in the same state as us!) and we headed to asheville for a couple of days.

but not before being able to witness at least this:



unfortunately, though, we had to miss The Tooth Fairy’s visit.  gramma said jovie was thrilled that she wasn’t forgotten.  and she was nice enough to email me the pic of jovie opening her bag.  the Tooth Fairy gave her a $2 bill folded into a butterfly.

DSC05050y’all, lemme just tell you that when i replaced the calendar, jovie and i counted…. it took FIFTY REAL DAYS to lose that dern tooth!!!

her 2nd tooth got loose the next day as the other one. so we are working close to 2 months and that one is still in her mouth!  i hope i’ll be around for this next tooth fairy visit!

we came home on tuesday and on the way home, The Mr. needed more pages for his passport.  (proof that he’s gone a lot!) so while we waited for him, jovie was overjoyed to ride the escalators at dillards the whole time.  seriously.  GIDDY.

iphone 043the next day was New Year’s Eve and we had a fake countdown at the skating rink.  Anna & Elsa were around for the party and we finally got jovie on some roller skates.  she went into the playground area too.  The Mr. & i had a blast, though.

iphone 051this was The Mr.’s 2nd time on skates.  Um. wait.  jovie & ben have been to the skating rink the same number of times????   sad sad sad.   he loved it though and she is all about asking for skates now!  to which i replied- we need to get you out here a few more times.  they have family nights we may go to some- if we can keep him in our country long enough.

what you didn’t get to see is the video of us couple skating (me backwards!!!!).  funny how skating comes back to you after what? 25+ years??  none of us fell, either!  well- jovie has some built in help there.  my arm was getting sore by the end of the day keeping her straight.

okay i’m pretty sure i covered it all…..  it’s been over an hour.  see, uncle bobby?  this is partly why the blog isn’t updated enough.

hope to be back before the bean turns 7!



5 Responses to merry new year?

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was great to see you, Ben and Jovie over the holiday. Really wish Jovie could spend MORE time with her cousins. She seems to be a very happy child. Thanks for the update, even though it is a bit “RUF” on you. Love and Miss you ALL.

  2. merediths says:

    Sounds like a busy time. Her snowman picture is great!

  3. Gramma and Grampa says:

    We all had a great time over the holidays with you and uncle Natey too!

  4. Aunt Barb says:

    Love the posts and pics…talk to you soon.

  5. […] look forward to doing it again soon.  maybe once a month could be our new […]

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