oh this girl

tonight before bed, jovie was watching Barbie & the Secret Door.  in the show, there’s a bratty girl singing a funny but bratty song. (of course it’s The Mr.’s favorite!)  as soon as it was done, jovie cracked me up for a full minute.  completely unexpectedly as soon as it was over, she gave a great rendition of the “mwahh haaah aaahh”  and i couldn’t stop laughing!


one day, we got a sitter and jovie was very excited about this and went outside to wait for her.  The Mr. went outside to hang out with her but was immediately sent away.  “Go back inside, Dad. I’ve got to get back to my business of being bored.”


at christmas we were watching Rudolph for the first time this season;  jovie was getting nervous at everybody’s attitudes and behaviors. i said, remember- there are a lot of mean people in this. and she immediately said “except Abominable… he’s nice”


back in summer, jovie was telling me about some bug bites that The Mr. took care of and said “i can’t show you one of them because it’s deleted”


the other day i was joking around a lot.  (i’ve learned from The Mr. apparently) i can’t even remember what it was i said, but she answered back:  “mom? are you truthing??”


one day in the fall, i put jovie to bed, and when i turned out the light and was closing the door, she asked if i could make nutella pancakes.  i told her i was actually hoping to (reading my mind again!) i then saw her in the dark raise her hand and whisper “SCORE!”

she may look like me, but she makes me laugh like The Mr. does.


One Response to oh this girl

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    What a cute funny little girl!

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