derailed plans

we are off for the next couple of school days for a mid-winter break.  many months ago, when we didn’t know The Mr.’s schedule, i decided to go to greenville to visit gramma & grampa, as well as my good friend Katherine (jovie’s friend is Kemp).  i planned accordingly.

Yiminy, however, planned against it.

sadly, he spent last weekend not eating or drinking, so on monday we took him to the vet and he was then hospitalized with pancreatitis.  poor boy.  The Mr. and i were sad, but he got more sleep monday night!  we even went to visit him after we went out for a lunch date on tuesday.  this is how we were greeted:

20150209he needed a cone (and hated it!) so he wouldn’t play with his IV.

luckily, he came home a half-day early and we went back again later to pick him up and bring him home.  it took until today for him to be a little more normal with eating and drinking.  he is on meds 2x a day so that derailed our plans to go to g’ville.

luckily, the g’s are coming here instead.  we will have to schedule a new time to play with kemp (and her siblings).

a fun weekend is planned in this bitter cold weather.  in fact, tomorrow is the last chance for a few days to go out and play.  we will celebrate valentine’s day by eating snacks for dinner and watching a movie.  queso, wings, shrimp & edamame…. can’t wait!  and i will make The Mr. a red velvet cake.  sunday we will hole up inside and play games, watch movies and have soup.

i’m pretty sure a fire will be turned on for much of our break.

i hope by the end of it all we won’t be too couped up.

in other news, The Mr. LOVES roller-skating.  so do i.  jovie, maybe not so much…. though on the carpet she digs it:

IMG_1604we look forward to doing it again soon.  maybe once a month could be our new tradition!





One Response to derailed plans

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    Poor kitty!
    Hope he’s better by now.

    Roller skating? The bomb!
    She’ll get there. Give her time. (surely!!!!)

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