still here!

Wow. Just wow.

The last thing I posted was about Yiminy???   So sorry.

This won’t be much better, but we are here.

We have done a lot since Yiminy (and he came home that day and has been fine ever since!)….   I owe a lot of posting.  I won’t bore you with all that’s been going on, but here’s some tidbits:

  • Dolly & Me party with Clarabelle.  It was all fancified and a good time.
  • We went to Chattanooga again to take advantage of our Ruby Falls tickets.
  • We had our school fun run, where Jovie ran her first mile (in under 14 mins) and The Mr. did a fantastic job, despite being a little out of practice.  2nd for age group; 9th overall!  They both got medals.  So proud.
  • then The Mr. left for Brazil and that night I got strep throat.  Sweet Jovie did her best to take care of me/herself and be understanding.
  • Then it was Easter & we (of course) enjoyed Gramma & Grampa.
  • We left the day after Easter for our Spring Break trip to Texas.
  • Came home & Aunt Barbara came for the day to watch Jovie so The Mr. & I could see Blue Man group @ the Fox.
  • A relaxing weekend was had, complete with a rainy Pajama Day.
  • Then (I helped put on) we enjoyed our first Spring Fling for school.

All caught up.  I’ll post pictures of some of these events (hopefully) this week.   It’s been a little tougher blogging because I now use my smart phone & my Surface for most of my internetting.  My pics are still on my computer.  It’s hard to remember to juggle back and forth.

Jovie’s doing great!  I can’t believe there’s only 19 days left of 1st grade!  I will talk to you again before then……


2 Responses to still here!

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    Whew! You guys are just so busy.

  2. merediths says:

    Glad everything’s going well! Sounds like a very busy time.

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