second grade, part 2

school has started off well, and jovie has liked it so far.  however, it seems like we’ve had an explosion of kids, which led to us adding another 2nd grade teacher.

Jovie was excited to have yet another “first day” of school with a different teacher.

other than that, we are getting in the swing of things.  coping with more homework (and even MORE with this new teacher!), and new routines.  she goes to enrichment class one day a week as well, so we have a lot to adjust to.  add to the fact Dad was Down Under the past 2 weeks.  she’s doing well.

We have taken a mini-break from extra curricular activities and that is the smartest thing!  We start full-fledged in September.

and all last week there was a massive count-down to when we’d see not only daddy but also gramma & grampa! both came on Friday.  we had a nice weekend with them and look forward to their return!


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