lucky lucky girl

i don’t know who’s luckier- jovie or me?

The Mr. has taken 11 trips down under since february.  this year will be the 3rd anniversary in a row that he will be spending in Sydney. difference is, this year I get to be WITH him!!  (lucky 13, indeed!)

i have been talking and hoping for this to happen for months; and was getting more and more hopeful.  when i finally told jovie that it looked like it was going to happen and that i’d be gone for almost 2 weeks, she asked who was going to stay with her.  then when i answered gramma & grampa, she squealed in delight and declared how lucky SHE was!

we are also very lucky that aunt barbara will help (we are so glad she lives in GA now!) when i told her she was going there and going to have a lot of fun, her first words were “yay! i really hope i get to see her library!!”   (so barb, if you’re reading this….)

i am super lucky that with all of his travel this year, The Mr. was able to cash in his miles and fly me first class!!

extremely lucky that i have a very good use for the money mommy (and daddy) was able to leave me/us.  i have always wanted to honor her somehow; and she was thrilled with her trips to Brazil & Rome/Jerusalem.  she also knew how much i LOVE to travel.

i could not feel more lucky to have the chance to travel with The Mr. yet again, and couldn’t be any more thankful to gramma, grampa, & aunt barbara for making this happen.

i cannot wait to experience this whirlwind of travel!

jovie will definitely miss us.  but fortunately she is not worried about that (just yet). she is completely excited to see everyone and asks me constantly when they are coming!  (not when i’m leaving….)

she has already informed me that grampa can only get donuts twice.  once they can go there; and once he can bring them home.  oh and only go to partner’s pizza twice, too!   (so grampa, if you are reading this….)

she is excited to go to the library with both gramma & grampa and aunt barbara.

she’s looking forward to showing gramma & grampa her new “piano” so she can practice.

she’ll have a lot of fun! (but it’s not a vacation, you guys!!!) and i’m pretty sure i/we will too!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!


3 Responses to lucky lucky girl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Chelle, I hope you have a ball.
    LY MY

  2. kippy2001 says:

    Sorry Chelle,

    Couldn’t comment on blog for some reason. That is so awesome you get to go! Have fun, I know Jovie will!

    Love ya,


  3. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We’re excited too! Okay, donuts only once a week. How about candy?

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