okay, so

well, yes.  we are still here.  we have not been sitting in a corner twiddling our thumbs.

i blame my lack of creativity as well as using my Surface but having my pictures uploaded on the Dell.

some things as of late:

  • we enjoyed our annual trip to the orchard.  it was great to see gramma & grampa again.
  • halloween was fun.  for the school Book Character Parade, she was Felicity-  an American Girl.  thanks to her teacher from last year for having the costume for her own girls when they were jovie’s age.  for trick-or-treating, she was a fairy.  she decided this while we were on our vacation.  gramma showed me one of jovie’s sketches for her costume.
  • she has been doing well & enjoying school.  she is working hard.  she reads almost any chance she can get.
  • we got to participate in a family volunteer day at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  this summer, jovie decided she wanted to give her stuffed animals to kids with cancer.  she said that even though it would be hard to see them, it would make her happy tosee their faces when that happened.  that is not allowed due to health concerns.  so we were glad to hear about this opportunity.  while there, we heard of their volunteer program for school kids jovie will participate in early next year.
  • she has been having fun in Girl Scouts.  a full-on brownie now.  friday night was Daddy-Daughter game night.  it was fun.  she will go to a drop-off day camp this coming sunday.
  • of course we are thrilled with the holiday season upon us.  it will be so much fun to keep our traditions at the grandparents’ house!

so here- we’re alive and well.  i’ve got the photos to prove it.

volunteer day

volunteer day

her finished notebook

her finished notebook

GS game night

GS game night

<insert “how tall this fall” picture- which is on the Dell.  not the surface.  grrrrrr>


One Response to okay, so

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Looks like you’ve been busy having fun!

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