it’s 2016!

i am very glad i remember how to post to this here site.

i will try to do better this year.  you know, resolutions and all!

in the interest of time, i will do a quick post with quick pictures to appease the masses.

  • thanksgiving was, as usual, great!  we enjoyed our time in greenville and jovie was particularly excited to do something we saw some kids do a few trips ago….  it was awesome!  AND she met a girl there and spent over an hour playing and talking!  they now have become penpals and it would be great to see her next year!FullSizeRender
  • jovie’s performance in her recital was the best yet.  i was quite nervous for her after seeing her rehearsal.  but the performance was great!
  • aunt barbara & uncle steve came down for a night to do some christmassy things.  that was a lot of fun; and the next day we all went to see Rudolph again at the Center for Puppetry Arts.   we all loved it!FullSizeRender(2)
  • christmas was pretty tame around here. but still quite fun:
  • gramma & grampa were able to come back and we had a lot of time lazing around.  it was quite wet & mildly floody.  not at all like the unfortunate events in columbia, sc a while back.  our power even went out for about a half hour and i convinced the g’s to play LeftRightCenter for m&m’s.  it was a fun xmas eve.
  • this year was the most excited jovie was for wanting to run downstairs on xmas morning! i had to make her wait on the steps for dad to get everything ready.  gramma & grampa woke up and waited upstairs, too.  it reminded me very much of when i was a kid.  that was a lot like our tradition, too.  when she finally got down there, she was pleased!


    santa heard her!

  • her biggest surprise gift was the canopy we got her that she never outright asked for; and hadn’t mentioned since her birthday!  she loves it!IMG_0470
  • since then, we also enjoyed Potter Christmas and spent the night in columbia.  we went to the outdated State Museum which was fun but in need of more current things!
  • from then we have spent mostly indoors with all the rain.  we did have a beautiful afternoon where we met friends at a park.  then more rain and storms.
  • oh and then there was a LOT of football watching.  and happy dancing!   GO TIGERS!!!!

we hope 2016 will be just as terrific as 2015 was.


2 Responses to it’s 2016!

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Happy 2016 to all of you!

  2. […] had fun meeting our Greenville friends at that same sliding hill park.  unfortunately, jovie’s penpal may have moved because we haven’t […]

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