tiger fan

so it’s all clemson all up in here these days.

it is quite an exciting time to be a clemson fan!  no matter what, we have done excellently this year, and although we have been extremely lucky in a lot of cases, the ORANGE Bowl itself was well-earned.

it’s about time the luck has fallen our way;  you know they coined a term for the typical luck that has befallen us over the years.

“clemsoning” is taking a new form this year!

how exciting!


reasons why we will win:

  • the blind-side dude is a starting freshman (rare) that is the nephew of the last guy who did this for us.
  • we have been underdog for the past 4 bowl games and have won.
  • Danny Ford was coach of the year in 1981.  Dabo Swinney is now.
  • We haven’t beat Alabama since 1905- it’s about dang time we do!
  • we upset Nebraska when we were 7 point underdog the last time; going against a heisman winner.
  • Clemson’s Death Valley is 1,981 miles away from the stadium in Glendale.

whatever happens tonight, i firmly believe this won’t be our last chance. and i hope Dabo keeps Dabo-ing and celebrating his players/fans… even when this isn’t new!

it has been fun!





One Response to tiger fan

  1. whatsabocki says:

    I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! I also believe that is a cute lil tiger!!

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