we’re goin’ to Disney World…

…and we don’t even have to win the SuperBowl first!

It has been in the works for close to a year that we would go to Disney this year.

The Mr. & I have always said we wouldn’t be the parent who brings our toddler/baby/small kid to such an exhausting, expensive & fun place.

Being from GA, it is fair to say that as far as I know, Jovie is the last of her friends to discover “the most magical place on earth”.  And we are OK with that.

Our criteria was that our kid would have to:

  1. be interested
  2. be old enough to handle it
  3. be old enough to appreciate it.
  4. be old enough to remember it.

We assumed that would be around this age.  Sometime near the end of Kindergarten, Jovie casually mentioned something about Disney in the sense of “i hear people talk about this; what is it” kind of way.  That was my first clue that maybe she was starting to be interested.  We look at her age and our ability to schedule it in, and we have finally found a good time to go.

Unfortunately, we are already breaking one of our other rules- and that is that we will take her out of school for one day to be able to drive down.  To make up for that, we are not doing a week-long park-hopper madhouse excursion.

Unfortunately, Disney is no longer the place where we went way back in the 80s or 90s.  There are apps, schedules, 100000 blogs & books all dedicated to the subject.  Reservations to be made.  Not at the hotels (we are staying with The Mr.’s points off-site in Downtown Disney) but at the restaurants.

You guys, I made food reservations back in October!!  I could order lunch right now, if I so choose.  (I don’t!) And I already have fast-passes and know a general idea of where we will be at given hours of the day.  Weeks away!

I have only experienced Disney Parks a handful of times in my life; the first being an excursion with the band.  The Mr. has been one less time than me.   Back then, it was much easier.  People didn’t have to use up a FastPass to meet a princess (or not, in our case).  Characters just roamed the park and did a quick hello & pose.  Now there are lines upon lines to see anyone.  Or character breakfasts where prices are outrageous.

The Mr. & I have never been to Magic Kingdom together- and have each only been 1 time before.  None of us have been to Animal Kingdom.

It will be fun.  A 2 day, 2 park excursion that will test all of our limits.  But, she is interested.  She can handle it [we hope!!!]. And we assume she will remember it.  We think she’ll appreciate it because a few weeks ago,when we finally told her that we were taking her on a surprise trip, it didn’t even dawn on her as an option.  She was hoping for the beach.  She was delighted to hear about this other place instead!

Yesterday & this morning, she began talking about it.  She’s getting excited.  Sadly, there are no ferris wheels to be had.  (her all-time favorite ride) …. but you’ll never guess what she’s most excited for….

STORYTIME with Belle.

Her favorite princess…. who likes BOOKS… who acts out a story.

This really will be a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to share our pics upon our return…….




4 Responses to we’re goin’ to Disney World…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Jovie. Chelle, I think your rational is “right on”. I hope the 3 of you have a blast.
    Love and Miss you

  2. Gramma & Grampa says:

    You will have a fun time and make tons of memories!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So cool Chelle! I know yall will have a blast, and she will love it! I remember you were there the first and only time I went..when my kids were litlle…that was fun, think of how much more fun this will be!! ❤

  4. Kippy says:

    oops Chelle, you probably figured that last post was from me…ha!

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