depends on what the definition of “magic” is

A week ago, we were walkin’ walkin’ walkin’ all over (literally) Kingdom come.  From Magic Kingdom on Saturday to Animal Kingdom on Sunday.

Jovie really enjoyed herself; but it was a very long day.  Because we didn’t have a free day in between, I had hoped to go back to the hotel and rest a bit before the fireworks show.  That didn’t happen because of the dern Fast Pass situation.  (Don’t even get me started!)

So our morning started bright and early getting on the shuttle at 7am.  We finally climbed into bed at 11:30pm.  Jovie has seen 11:00 on the clock exactly once in her (aware-non-newborn) life.  That was this summer when we were at the mountain house with her cousin.

Despite the challenges, she had a great time.  And handled it well! (Better than The Mr.)

We had breakfast with Winnie the Pooh & Friends (don’t even get me started!).  We had lunch at The Beast’s Castle (this is a rant blog post of it’s own!!  grrr; i won’t bore you) and a very late dinner just on our own with no reservations.  The Mr. said she was lying down while waiting for me to come back with the food.   We rode rides, enjoyed the ambiance & food, played on playthings [kudos to both the Winnie the Pooh Ride & Dumbo!] & walked and walked and walked.  We enjoyed sitting down to watch the Electric Parade and the psychedelic weirdness that it was.  The light show & fireworks were watched on Piggy Back.

The next day we painted a face, saw lots of animals, had a photo session with The Mice themselves, had another lunch -this time with Mickey & Friends, rode rides, enjoyed the ambiance & food, played on playthings [the Boneyard was awesome!] & walked and walked and walked.  Oh, and canceled dinner reservations because we were all spent!

For 2 days, we spent entirely too much money doing things The Mr. & i would rather not have been a part of.  We spoiled our already experience-spoiled child.  Thank goodness she was appreciative & happy.  Therefore, we can be (a bit) glad we did it.

Jovie- when you read this yourself- know that is likely your one & only time until you are old enough (and interested) to possibly maybe go to Epcot.  A girls’ trip.  MAYBE.  And know that the possibility even exists because of how well you conducted yourself.  You handled the lines (even several for the bathroom!!) The walking.  The long  days.  You enjoyed the activities.  The characters.  The food (it was all good!!!).  You were appropriately delighted at things, and didn’t come to expect.  And you thanked us and showed your appreciation.

Still, don’t count on another trip to the Magic Place….unless you are also in a fantastic band.

…OH and if anyone is wondering- Jovie’s favoritest favorite thing to do for the 3 days in Orlando— the Swiss Family Robinson TreeHouse.  I don’t even have a picture.  You literally walk up the steps of a “treehouse” and see it all decorated.  It was the first thing we did after breakfast on Saturday.  It was more a tour than an activity/ride.  She always surprises me.

Day 1 @ Hotel (thanks to The Mr. for all of his points.  saved us about the cost of lunch.)



because always


because we literally walked into the hotel to a Frozen song & it was the hotel’s bday- so cupcakes. of course


Oh! and we also enjoyed a nice dinner on the water in Disney Springs (downtown disney). We ate at Rainforest Cafe & snagged a table outside as a first-come-first served thing.  It was perfect.


Day 2 @ Magic Kingdom


Day 3 @ Animal Kingdom:

here are some animals from the Safari Ride we took last thing.  We were at the very back which was perfect…..

And this-  this about sums it all up….


3 Responses to depends on what the definition of “magic” is

  1. Michaela says:

    Count me in on the Epcot trip! Also the pictures are perfect. I’m glad she enjoyed herself! And I can’t wait to hear about everything (even the horrible parts 😉 )

  2. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Well, we’re happy Jovie had a good time. Can hardly wait to hear all the details. Great pictures.

  3. Kippy says:

    Awesom Chelle! I am glad she had fun, hope it was worth it for you and Ben…seems like it was! I know she will rember this forever!
    Love the pics! Love yall!!

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