three thirty

pretty unbelievable how it is already the end of march.  although, the month is called March for a reason, i guess.

we marched right over 2 field trips, 2 school performances, the time change, & a visit to Aunt Barb & Uncle Steve’s.  we marched past some girl scout meetings, dance classes, cookie sales, & the book fair on into easter.

easter was just like this past xmas.  very rainy. low-key. boring yet relaxing.  gramma & grampa came and jovie was ever so delighted!  we haven’t seen them since xmas itself.  ipadding, pretending, crafting, & who knows what else were done.  egg-dyeing, egg-finding, egg-eating & basket exploring were done.

all was well and good until easter dinner.  as jovie puts it, she ate “2 bites of ham, 3 bites of mac n cheese and half a roll” she asked to be excused and she then missed the last 2 days of school.  nothing ever really came of it, just belly discomfort & a small fever.

next week is spring break and we are going to be really really glad to have The Mr. home for longer than a weekend!

keep marchin’ right along…….




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  1. […] to get out of the routine of no routine.  oh yeah! because also, the weekend before all this was easter.  & jovie was sick 3 of the 5 days before […]

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