Spring Break #3 aka road trip

So. Um. I am not sure what happened because I could’ve sworn I talked about last year’s spring break.  ??  We went to Texas.  Basically just off of Texas (Galveston Island); but rule-follower that I am I made sure to venture “mainland” & we spent a little time in Houston, too.

Ummmmm….  ?? Ok. well, spring break #2 was good.

now on to Spring Break #3.  We took a road trip to Biloxi & New Orleans (with a stop in Selma- where I lived for 4 1/2 years) on the way back.

We have known we were doing this as a road trip for quite some time.  So we went ahead and upped our schedule (just a little bit) and bought ourselves a car back in October.

And, here, may I present to you- our brand new car.  On the road trip.  In Gulfport, MS (we were taking a ferry to Ship Island for the day!)

ah, yes.  the car didn’t break down, so much as STOP WORKING….  during a left-hand turn to boot!

All was well.  I have some very very choice words for our dealer who did NOT fix the recall that was done for our car before we purchased it. And hindsight being what it is…. I can affirm, attest, promise you that THIS was the best place/time for us to be in this situation!

Some humor, a little stress, extra expense & time….  and our vacation continued.

(To be continued……)


2 Responses to Spring Break #3 aka road trip

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Definitely a memory to scrapbook! Glad that everything turned out okay.

  2. […] even though our spring break didn’t go exactly as planned, it was done almost completely, and jovie had a great […]

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