Spring Break #3- MS,LA,AL

so, even though our spring break didn’t go exactly as planned, it was done almost completely, and jovie had a great time!

Sat & Sun– Biloxi, MS.

the intention was to take a ferry to an island and spend the day.  those were the only plans that got derailed.  but it all worked out fine.  spent the day at the beach anyway!   the wind was blowing; it wasn’t too hot.  gorgeous weather, but a cold Gulf!

b&j in h20

see that speck? it is between 2 barely visible lines. those are poles that say DANGER. i know this, because that speck is The Mr. & Jovie. they are standing up!



a la Galveston



not everyone gets snow!


we came back to the room & discovered National Pillowfight Day

Mon, Tue, & Wed– New Orleans, LA

one word: beignets.   The Mr. & I are now experts.  sadly, Jovie was not a fan.  The 3rd place (yep!) was my favorite place… and it also had other stuff so jovie could enjoy a brownie.  interestingly enough,  they got better at each attempt.  in order of visiting (and worst to best) Morning Call, Cafe du Monde, & Cafe Beignet.   (that one’s also the cutest name).

ok, ok…. you may want to know how the vacation part of it was.

we found lots of child-friendly things to do & we all had a great time doing it!

Monday, we went to City Park.  Unfortunately the amusement park portion was closed during the week, but we went to Storyland part.  that was cute.  jovie was over it.  then we checked into our hotel where we got upgraded to a 2BR suite.  to which i say: SWEET!  jovie loved loved that and was never over it.  if we weren’t trekking NOLA then we were either watching TV in her! very! own! room! or swimming in the pool.


Rapunzel, meet Rapunzel



that slide was FAST


IMG_1242 here, we pay homage to my first ever hotel room when I was 7. it also had an upstairs. (why, yes.  jovie is 7 and has been in a zillion hotels already)

Tuesday we bought an experience pass & spent the day at the aquarium, insectarium & butterfly garden.  we haven’t been to an aquarium since Tennessee!

the insectarium was perfectly done.  i skeeved the entire time i was there!  highly impressive.  no pictures of that though.  and the butterfly garden’s pictures didn’t have jovie in them.

Wednesday we took the trolley & went to the zoo as part of the experience package.  it was a really good zoo.  & you could not beat the weather.  still, i was surprised at how most of the animals were tired & not around.  [kinda reminded me of ATL zoo.  we used to have season passes to it;  we have gone several times.  i saw the lion 2ce.  once was only his ear.]

above you see jovie trying to be the photographer on the bridge.  she was really into her 4yo camera this trip!  also the merry-go-round was initiated and completed by herself entirely.  big girl!  (oh- this trip she also enjoyed riding the elevator alone!!)

our last night in NO:  ice cream. bed. cartoons.


Thur– Selma, AL via the Ponchartrain Causeway.

i was looking forward to this part because it’s neat showing jovie where i lived for 4 1/2 years.  (incidentally this summer she can see where The Mr. lived, too, when we go to Detroit!)

& also so so cool!!! i couldn’t wait to go over the longest continuous bridge over water!  Big Mac in Michigan is a paltry 5 miles long. (tho it looks like a bridge & not a road.  it’s awesome!) {and also jovie gets to do that this summer, too!}

also, they have been studying a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. this year so I was excited to share The Bridge with her.  things in Selma were exactly the same & unexpectedly different & not at all where i remember them.  in fact, they moved the McDonald’s across the street (and i’m pretty sure they even re-named that street) so i was even more warped.  considering it was 29 years since i lived there; and 17 since i went back!  ( The Mr. & i got to go in ’99…. it will likely be my last time going back).

—that was about how long it took us to drive over the lake where all you see is lake. (and cars); and i actually have the sign that says 23.8 but this pic was prettier.

we came home friday & had the weekend to get out of the routine of no routine.  oh yeah! because also, the weekend before all this was easter.  & jovie was sick 3 of the 5 days before going.

getting back to the routine this week went very well!  ….except i miss them beignets!


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