8yo pictures

Just before school started, we came in contact with a great photographer (who is a friend of jovie’s 1st grade teacher).  We miss Christina greatly but was glad to be able to finally take some more pictures that didn’t have the standard grey-screen behind it like at school!

Madalynn got some nice photos of Jovie in Mrs. Edkins’ backyard.  It was fun.

I wanted to include some of the pictures on this post- but am not getting it to work properly.  The Mr. comes in quite handy when it comes to technology….  too bad he’s not here.

Here is a link to the gallery, if you are interested.  If I can get single pix posted later, I will!


meanwhile- things are going well in THIRD GRADE so far!!!






One Response to 8yo pictures

  1. Grampa and Gramma says:

    Thanks for the link! Really cute pictures of Jovie.

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