as i was saying

so as i was saying…. October has started and so far it’s been great!

the evacuation went well! spectacularly, stunningly, amazingly so!  becky & i can’t really figure out the magic of it, but we aren’t complaining.  they got here wednesday just in time for me to pick up jovie from her first day of art club.  they left (regretfully) on sunday.


jovie is notorious for needing time on her own.  she rarely needed that.  i’m thinking the 7hrs being away for school each day helped break things up. because when she would come home, they played and played until homework & dinner time.  then played some more until bath & bedtime!   but even saturday it was difficult tearing jovie away from ansley so she could go to dance rehearsal.  this girl didn’t even want to go to the library (?!?!) because they were playing.  aside from said excursion, they played all. day. long!


and ansley was so helpful to jovie with her regularly-scheduled chores!  in fact, the night before they came, jovie came up with the idea to do an extra chore so she could get paid.  she wants to buy her friend at school a christmas gift.  (this girl is amazing!)  so she decided to start doing dishes!  i’m not complaining!  & ansley wanted in on the action, too!


…………………… i was saying….

the first weekend in october we headed to Turner Field for the last ever Braves game there.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had such a nice time!  we were there for 8 hours and it didn’t really seem so.  this time, though, jovie had some books.  she loved reading, eating & watching!  it was so bittersweet and The Mr. & I talked about it for a few days about how great it was we decided to go.  we played Detroit, Tigers, too- so that was an extra bonus!!

so far, october has been good to us!!

oh, and should another hurricane threaten SC coasts….  we have a great plan!


3 Responses to as i was saying

  1. Anonymous says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. It was such a wonderful visit and I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. Here’s to more evacuations!!!

  2. Grampa and Gramma says:

    What wonderful memories!

  3. […] it was awesome how it worked out!  we hadn’t seen them in over a year and a half when they evacu-vacated from hurricane matthew.  it was so great to see them.  the girls got along well & jovie was […]

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