oh dam!

oh dam there was no dam this trip.  but a lovely vacation was still had in the beautiful state of Arizona!

The Mr. & i went to AZ at the turn of the century/millennium.  so we were excited to yet again show jovie some of the things we did 17 years ago.  when i saw that for the first time since starting real school that we had a full winter break, i figured that’d be a great time to go to arizona.

things we were excited to do:   grand canyon, sedona, montezuma’s well & hoover dam.  (i was excited to do the glass walkway at the grand canyon).  as well as having jovie & sophia & sadie all play together!

what did occur was great! i have pictures to prove it!  but, alas:

sedona didn’t entirely happen because there was a ridiculous amount of people there.  were you there?  surely you must have been.  it was like disney all over again.  but this time with no parking!  i felt bad for The Mr. who said “at least 2 of us should enjoy it” so he dropped us off and drove around for 20 minutes so jovie and i could at least have some pictures.

the glass walkway didn’t happen because my research was horrible and it was like 4 hours away from us, apparently.

the dam didn’t happen because jovie inexplicably got sick on tuesday.  luckily we were able to just move the nevada hotel to flagstaff the next day & just push the grand canyon back a day.  also luckily i got to give my little girl lots of cuddles.  that night i was caught in a love sandwich as we all slept in a king together!  super luckily she was all better the next day and so grand canyon was, in fact, grand!

but! BUT!! the cousins were great.  the scenery astounding.  (some of) the food was good. and some bonus excursions in flagstaff were awesome.  it was a really fabulous vacation & as far as scenery goes, (for me, at least) arizona ranks #1 in our states thusfar.  [michigan comes in a very squeaky close second!]

we spent a rainy weekend in Phoenix visiting the fam. the girls all had a good time playing in the rain, while the adults chatted it up a little bit.  luckily it cleared up enough that after our trip to the Science Center  on sunday we were able to meet up with them and play at a park.  jovie did not enjoy saying good-bye after dinner.  it seemed like they all had a good time!


monday was spent making our way to our hotel at the grand canyon, with stops at montezuma’s well, and sedona.  these 2 places were awesome when we went way back when. this time around, we saw that we could walk down and around a little in these cliff dwellings from about 1,000 years ago.

tuesday we did this:


and wednesday was finally spent at the canyon!  the drive was close; and we even saw some unidentified animals grazing after we entered.  we parked our car and walked a bit.  when we finally got to this-


jovie was aptly impressed.

lots of gawking.  a little bit of a hike down. tons of exclaiming. hopefully some memory-ing.  many many photo-ing. some learning. some eating.  and 6 hrs later….


i could fill a page with all the awesome pix i did take.  jovie took many as well. (but i won’t…….   yet!)    it was…. well- GRAND.

so we went to flagstaff afterwards and had a great evening/morning before we spent the day exploring just 2 parks that are connected by a 20mile drive on the border of the Painted Desert.  Sunset Crater was amazing.  lava fields!  Who Knew???  and the drive to Wupatki was equally so.  we spent the whole day doing this.

we all really enjoyed the pueblos that were built 1,000 years ago.  one of which we could even venture in!  it was a very cold and super windy day but one of our favorites!

(look! jovie’s as tall as the lava.)

the drive from flagstaff to phoenix was absolutely awesome.  i can’t shuttup about the fact that ALL. you see are mountains.  for 2 hours.  that’s it.  distant mountains.  close mountains.  mountains.  everywhere.  it was lovely!






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