out of this world!

i have long been a fan of our neighborhood library.  we have been going since jovie was 7 months old.  we have the best librarians who have the best programs!

when she was a baby, they handed out sturdy totes with a pocket for the library card that we have used faithfully (you know jovie!!) for like 8 years now.  still going strong!

babytime was tons of fun, and from what i heard from other seasoned mothers who had been to other libraries nearby and in other states on more than one occasion, it was the best thing going.  i still think some of the songs sometimes.  in fact this spring, i had an occasion to go back and it broke my ever-lovin’ heart because boy do i miss it!  i brought my neighbor and her 2 year old and of course they also loved it.

then there was Ms. Ada who was phenomenal with the kids.  she began at the same time jovie aged into that pre-school group.  and Ms. Ada was instrumental in bringing lots of performances in the summer programs.  2 in particular are not to be missed-  Ken Scott, a magician and Todd Key, a juggler.  we first saw Todd at the Renaissance Festival and he was one of our favorites.  to see him in our local library was amazing. we make sure to go to these performances each year!  this year The Mr. is actually going to try to come back from a trip early to see Todd, because it’s been awhile.

our summer reading program has grown steadily the past few years and even though Ms. Ada left, Ms. Joy is continuing it all as well.

and boy ever!  our library just offered us the most amazing opportunity ever!  we linked up to Astronaut Jack who is currently IN SPACE and let 20 kids ask questions to him.  it was like skype but way cooler!  we saw what a slinky does in space, we saw the inside of his vessel.  we watched him use both of his hands to show us his special towel; meanwhile leaving his microphone to just float in front of him.  the only thing that coulda made it better is if we had gotten to see his view!

Nashville may be the fanciest library out there, but i agree with our library director, Ms. Chris who said that ours is the “best in the universe!”



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