the end of the year was fantastic!

we definitely enjoyed a lovely, lego-y christmas with gramma & grampa.

we had a nice lazy break.  a lot of rain for sure, but not like last year where it was freezing.  some days were downright warm.  it was quite relaxing, though.  lots of time to play games, read, sleep late & lego galore.  watching the bowl games were quite nice, too!

the beginning of the year was also fantastic!

jovie stayed up to bring in the new year.  with me.  just the 2 of us, as The Mr. went to sleep.  we watched sound of music & played mastermind, and she anxiously stared at the clock.  at midnight, i popped some sparkling cider for us & even though i told her just the 2 of us wouldn’t be thrilling, at the stroke of midnight she seemed to see i was right.

we had yet another lazy & warm week.  The Mr. continued to work a bit; but still had some time to play video games and hang out.

then it became even more fantastic!  clemson is awesome & won its second national championship in three years. (solidly!)  i am super excited to go to the celebration parade AGAIN!  the cold has returned, though, and luckily gramma & grampa will hang out with jovie while The Mr. & i enjoy the festivities!

i probably should say more & show pictures, but alas, for some lazy reason i haven’t uploaded my pictures just yet.  so IOU.



2 Responses to fantastic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas Chele, Ben and Jovie. Happy New Year

  2. […] so i SHOULD be uploading xmas pictures to show you.  but i have clemson-brain right […]

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