He was a good boy.

May 18, 2018

A few days ago our cat Yiminy died. A month ago he stopped eating much and after a few visits to the vet, fluid was found around his heart, and we left with a handful of prescriptions and a tear-inducing prognosis.

It is difficult to explain exactly how Yim-boy was so much more than your average household pet. He wasn’t a typical cat that loved you when it was convenient for him. He’d come when you’d call him. He ran to meet to us at the door every blessed time we came home. He knew what you meant when we said “turkey”. He loved you when it was convenient for you.

He was different things to each of us, and more. To Michelle, he was her snuggle buddy. To Jovie, he was a fixture she grew up with and loved her entire life. To me (Dad), he was my best buddy.

He slowed down his last few weeks but he was still so eager to please. He couldn’t meet us at the door any more. Instead he’d position himself in the living room so he could see us as we came in and raise his head and look at us eagerly to greet him. His last days were spent with him in the living room, surrounding him with the only thing he wanted in life.

Now that he’s gone, our home has a heart aching emptiness. Routine tasks we’ve done for 14 years no longer need to be done. We catch ourselves unnecessarily going to the door to see if he wants to come in. Movement is caught from the corner of eyes, thinking it’s him, only to be quickly reminded of the loneliness that is now within each of us.

As we all struggle to accept his loss, we try to remind ourselves of the happiness he brought to us for so many years.

He was a good boy.










goings on

May 7, 2018

wow, our spring break seemed so long ago.

right afterwards, jovie geared up for the end of the year testing. [i will not write my 1,000,013 thoughts on the subject]

she ended april with more chorus practices for the spring performance of High School Musical Jr. [i will ignore my 113 thoughts on that subject].

we all went to my niece’s wedding reception.  what was going to be a nice date weekend in columbia for The Mr. & me turned into a quick 24hour trip with jovie in tow.  carolyn was so sweet that when gramma & grampa were no longer able to come here to watch jovie (sadly) & that meant i would be coming alone, she insisted that Uncle Ben was important to her as well so we must all come.  i thought it was sweetly fitting that at our wedding, we broke our “over 10” rule & had carolyn in our wedding at 9 1/2.  then she broke her own “no kids” rule & had our own 9 1/2 crash, too.  [let it be known that carolyn was the 1st ever to call him ukka ben!]

last week was the chorus performance.  she was a supporting chorus member, and luckily for high school musical, she got to wear basically her own clothes- with flair (;

and now that may has begun (rather quickly), we are gearing up for the end of the year fun stuff:   field day, field trip, awards ceremony & who knows what else in the next few weeks….     even our weather is cooperating.  it looks, smells, & feels like spring!  this morning we celebrated that there’s only 2 more monday wake-ups.

NC, Yiminy & the rest of us enjoyed the perfect evening weather yesterday!



January 25, 2018

so i know i’m not alone in talking about winter.  it has been a bitter one for everyone it seems. but i’m loving it!  although today will be the typical GA winter, with 35 in the AM & then 53 in the PM….

last week it was steady and super cold.

and we missed The Mr. who was facing his own frigidness in Montreal of all places.  he landed in true -5d weather.  by midweek we were colder than he was with windchills reaching 0.

the snow was so pretty!  but that was mainly it.  once jovie did get to go out and play, she said she couldn’t pack it. so it was basically good for snow angels which basically was good for about 20 minutes.  before i let her go out and play (when it was 13d as opposed to 7d), we tried to take a walk to the stop sign which is point 2 miles away.  we didn’t make it all the way before she wanted to turn around b/c her face was hurting.

we were out of school for THREE days.  AGAIN.  couple that with being out for what turned out to be a cloudy day the week before, we have missed 7 days & i guess it was great while it lasted, but it will totally suck to make some of them up.  but we enjoyed lotsa hot cocoa, movie time, game time, snuggles in our big bed.

this week marks our first full week of school in 2018.  (we went for one day last week!).  back to the swing of things!!


the most wonderful time of the year

January 3, 2018

well, jovie went back to school today, after having had 3 mondays off!

it was a super break, we all agree.  i know i have said in years past how lazy we had been, and this year it seemed to get even more lazy, cozy, snuggly.  it’s a normal cold time of year (thankfully not like last year!  we played cornhole, and come to find out- it was record breaking for being warm).  BITTER cold (for us, anyway).  so i’m not joking when i say i have left the neighborhood all of 5 times in the last 3 weeks.

The Mr. has enjoyed a leisurely vacation as well.

my christmas presents have been a hit with the whole family.  The Mr. outdid himself this year.  because he wanted one, he got me a little computer that has all the retro video games on it, so we have enjoyed that a lot on these cold days.  add to that, he got me the dice game QWIXX and we all are loving that easy quick game!  plus, Santa gave jovie Pass the Pigs.  games galore!!

we had a really nice visit from gramma & grampa.  we hung out, baked, cooked, ate, watched football, pretended, read, played on devices & had christmas.

jovie was happy with her gifts.  a woodzee camper from santa, a pillow from her cousins in arizona & a $100 bill from santa to buy an american girl doll were some of the hits.  not to mention a full-sized bookshelf from us & plenty of books from everyone to go along with it.

it’s definitely hard to get back in the swing of things, but we’re managing!

hope you have a fabulous 2018!!

lookin’ back

December 13, 2017

ah yes- it’s been awhile since i have posted any retrospectives….  over thanksgiving, we got a good shot of one.  then it snowed (**!**) and i was able to do my standard snow shot.  plus christmas decorating….

do enjoy:

DSC03245 copy(1)

Thanksgiving 2017




Nov 9th 2008

084 v2

Dec 26 2010


Dec 9th 2017

snow 004 v2








all i want for christmas is for time to stop!

it’s still october!

October 31, 2017

whew! i did not skip this month.  nevermind that it’s my last chance! at least it’s still daytime outside.

we’ve had a good month or 2 since i last wrote.

  • The Mr. has been home a couple of those weeks, which is always nice.
  • jovie has been keeping us busy.
  • i had a good birthday, in which Georgia cooperated and gave me actual fall weather!  we skipped dance that day and enjoyed last year’s gift cornhole.
  • the orchard was good, even though we couldn’t pick because they’ve been picked over.  (it was still crowded).  it wasn’t 90d like last year!  and of course, it was great to see gramma & grampa again!
  • we got to enjoy Charlotte’s Web at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  neither The Mr. or i love the storyline, however, it has good memories for me.  nonetheless, those guys did not disappoint!  we are looking forward to a few more to go to in the coming months.  Rudolph is not to be missed!
  • jovie is continuing to thrive in school:  she is still loving chorus, she had an extended day field trip to Dahlonega with Enrichment Class (she didn’t get home until about 7pm!!),  and she got invited to participate in Jr. Beta Club!

so i will be done with this one now, because hopefully i will post halloween pictures SOON.  enjoy the *rest* of october!


eventful things

September 13, 2017

so 4th grade (!!) has turned out to be pretty eventful, so far.  we are currently home from school for the 3rd day due to hurricane Irma.  i feel overwhelmed how lucky we were, and i truly cannot imagine having been in the thick of it.  jovie’s aunt LJ (and fam) were down in one of the hardest hit areas of FL. [they’re ok!] and to think how throttled the caribbean islands got.  it’s awfully devastating and i keep reminding jovie how grateful she can feel.

we lost power for only 5 hours. some of our local schools are still without, thus the 3rd day at home. The Mr. left early monday morning, before Irma spent the day soaking us with rain & blowing some wind.  jovie and i made the most of the day with videos & game playing.  we played games with a lantern for part of the evening.  i cannot even fathom what millions of others were facing.  my thoughts go out to everyone affected by both of these massive & scary storms just in the past month!!  plus earthquakes, tsunamis, fires & floods elsewhere.   tragic!!

another eventful thing was the solar eclipse!  i originally had planned on jetting to greenville to see 100% totality.  but since we were in the 96% zone, lots of things added up where it just didn’t make sense afterall.  they extended the school day, because it all occurred when dismissal would have happened.  however, i brought jovie home early and the 2 of us sat in the backyard and ooh-ed & aahh-ed by ourselves.  The Mr. got to watch the very start with us before he had to go to jury duty.  luckily he got to witness the “full” thing when they took a break and went into the parking lot.  it is quite surprising how dark 4% must be.  it *did* look like dusk. but we were surprised it wasn’t a tad darker.  still pretty flippin awesome, though.

(thanks to the lady on the tv who suggested a colander for a pinhole viewer since the one jovie made at school i couldn’t get to work at all!)  of course. all this waiting for an eclipse- ya gotta read!!

meanwhile, jovie auditioned for – and made!- chorus & we have NEVER seen her so giddy/excited/proud.  they only had slots for 60 kids and there is a waiting list.  we’ve only been a few weeks (canceled this week b/c of Irma) and she’s really enjoying it!

she is totally enjoying and getting more confident in horseback riding!  she wants to sign up for the next session.

she is no longer a ballerina.  she was super observant & mature about that decision and realized that Modern may be more suited for her.

so, we have been keeping busy.  she has realized that 4th grade (!!) is so…. BIG.  she has 2 teachers now.  new responsibilities.  giant class of kids.  and so far things are going well.

so, on to autumn & all the fun that brings.  (the one good thing about Irma was the cold weather she brought the past several days!!)


robes. hoodies. slippers. a blanky. windows open. bring it on!!!