spring broke

April 7, 2018

jovie’s gearing up for getting back to school after having a week off.  most people would call this school holiday “Spring Break” but in our case, Spring was indeed broken.

i feel bad for all the many other areas that are getting their 3rd or 4th snow in a month!

nevertheless, when we booked a trip to missouri & kansas, we didn’t expect the chilliness that we got.

prior to that, it was Easter.  so we’ve had a very whirlwind period of time!  all of it was awesome.

first, gramma & grampa came on the friday before easter.  & because we booked our trip with us leaving easter afternoon, we knew we would have easter dinner early.  but that week i decided (& The Mr. happily agreed) to have our “easter” dinner on that friday night so that we could have appetizers for the Final 4 game.  The Mr. is always happy when i make the best wings out there!!  [guess who had 3 of the final 4 teams in his bracket??  that would be Mr. I Don’t Care To Do Brackets But Sure Okay]

so we had a great visit, marred only by my frustration at constantly watching the weather.  luckily, WE had gorgeous weather.  the forecast for some of the time was that we were going to get 1-3 inches of snow when we landed in Kansas City!

so that didn’t entirely happen; they had gotten snow earlier that day & it was just on the roads (and sanded) by the time we got on the roads.  which was weird enough to those of us who have only ever lived in the south.  we were gone for 6 days.  Thursday was the only day it got above the 40s.  So…..  broken indeed!

luckily, tomorrow should be a pleasant mid-60s & sunny for us to enjoy the final day of spring break.  i will share details of that in another post;  didn’t want this one to go overboard!

here!  look at some easter pics to tide you over!


the final egg…

and……  from this:


to this:



Spring Break #3 aka road trip

April 9, 2016

So. Um. I am not sure what happened because I could’ve sworn I talked about last year’s spring break.  ??  We went to Texas.  Basically just off of Texas (Galveston Island); but rule-follower that I am I made sure to venture “mainland” & we spent a little time in Houston, too.

Ummmmm….  ?? Ok. well, spring break #2 was good.

now on to Spring Break #3.  We took a road trip to Biloxi & New Orleans (with a stop in Selma- where I lived for 4 1/2 years) on the way back.

We have known we were doing this as a road trip for quite some time.  So we went ahead and upped our schedule (just a little bit) and bought ourselves a car back in October.

And, here, may I present to you- our brand new car.  On the road trip.  In Gulfport, MS (we were taking a ferry to Ship Island for the day!)

ah, yes.  the car didn’t break down, so much as STOP WORKING….  during a left-hand turn to boot!

All was well.  I have some very very choice words for our dealer who did NOT fix the recall that was done for our car before we purchased it. And hindsight being what it is…. I can affirm, attest, promise you that THIS was the best place/time for us to be in this situation!

Some humor, a little stress, extra expense & time….  and our vacation continued.

(To be continued……)

Happy Father’s Day

June 21, 2015

Some words for The Mr:

We thank you for all that you do to take care of us.  You do it so well, and Jovie is very lucky to have you for a Dad.  I was smart enough to choose you for a husband and father.

You take such good care of us. We love that you work hard to take care of our house & family.  From the yucky stuff (cat puke & bugs) to the big stuff (yard & pool).  From the happy stuff (your humor & our family times) to the not so happy stuff (tantrums & arguments).

I love that you do what you can to make us happy.  Even if it means that you go along with a lot of my ideas even though you’d probably rather not (parties & the 50).  Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, though we may not always say it.  You give up a lot of your time (being away & chores) to make sure we are happy, and I am very proud of all of your successes.  I am proud to call you ours!

We love you much and miss you when you are gone.  But we look forward to your return each and every time.


0123 iphone 044

sadly, the only breakfast joint in Galveston

sadly, the only breakfast joint in Galveston

the standard yearly pose

the standard yearly pose


Munich Olympic Stadium (to watch USA/Germ world cup game last summer)

Munich Olympic Stadium (to watch USA/Germ world cup game last summer)

thanksgiving ’10

November 30, 2010

we hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your families. 

we had as good of a holiday as we could with a sick & whiny 2 year old who is (as usual) a little late with the “terrible twos”…  she’s, um… found them!

at least her outfit was cute.

gramma & grampa were very patient with the little one, and the big ones as we dealt with fevers, a cold, and a phantom bladder infection.

she had a few good moments (just a few), and The Mr. & i got to have a night to ourselves to watch the clemson “game”.


luckily, she was quite happy while she ate.

big girl sitting at the dining table!

and now i leave you with our signature thanksgiving shot:


February 1, 2010

my timing has been off in posting recently.  i had a plan last week, but was never able to get anything posted (obviously).

it was a fairly difficult week because jovie’s timing was off.  and cranky babies don’t make for easy blog posting capabilities.  cranky babies, do however, make easily cranky mommies.  especially mommies who are schlepping the cranky alone.

(any single mom out there— my biggest praises!)

so, FINALLY, our timing was right 2 weekends ago, and The Mr. & i were able to get away.  we went to Warm Springs, GA and stayed at a B&B while gammy & gampy* watched jovie.  everyone apparently had a good time.  we got a very good report!  (thanks thanks thanks again, y’all!!!)

while The Mr. & i toured “the Little White House” & learned all about FDR**, jovie played & ate & napped very well.  & while we went out to dinner, jovie went to bed fairly well considering she’s only been put down by one of us.  after just a little bit of fussing, apparently she slept through the whole night.

which is YAY!  because sunday when we returned, had a normal day, and a normal bedtime routine—  jovie decided to break all hell loose.  she woke up & cried/screamed for 3 hours.  unless, of course, we were holding her.  at first, i thought it was endearing.  “ooohhh, she wants to be sure we’re still here….  how sweet”.   ummm, yyeeeeaahhhh.  i changed my tune rather quickly when that didn’t prove to be the case.

we even went to the dr. monday morning b/c after she woke up for the day at 6am, Dr. Google indicated it could’ve been classic ear infection.  our dr. even thought the same.  until she peeped into those ears, nose, eyes, throat, whateverelse…   nope.  fine.  “i see nothing”.

the rest of the week proved that jovie’s timing was pretty off in her sleeping.  naps weren’t as long as she’s accustomed to.  days started earlier than any of us are accustomed to.  and more fitful night sleepings.  all culminating to thursday night where she pretty much repeated sunday night.  (and added an hour for FUN).  

luckily, the rest of the weekend went more smoothly & normal.  so we’ve all been in better spirits.  

she’s currently listening to music [“mee-koo”] & playing w/ all the dvd’s & games in our cabinet while i’m posting this now.  i just didn’t want too much time to pass.  or we might all forget what jovie looks like.

here she is at the aquarium 3 weeks ago when we went with my brother & his family.  [Thanks again, Rick & Kelly!….   jovie STILL talks about reagan & cameron.  we had fun]

even Flopsy enjoys fish!

*gammy & gampy are the new (temporary? permanent?) names of gramma & grampa.  seems jovie finally gave them her own spin.

** the only pic i have of this vacation is one of the “unfinished portrait” which is on my phone.  which i don’t have a memory card for.  so a lotta good that does me.

the olden days

September 29, 2009

if you’ve read this blog at all, you’d probably get that i’m super nostalgic.  (especially since it seems i mention it in MANY of my posts).

and you may have gathered that i’m sad that jovie keeps doing that thing that babies do.  what’s that??  oh, um- growing.

if you’ve followed for a bit, you see that we’ve had some pretty good surprises when jovie decides to not freak out at certain new things.  (some examples:  eating baby food at first,  going to MOPS & the pool the first time).  so, i guess now that we have a happy toddler (!?!) and she’s been proving herself recently, The Mr. & i have made the dire mistake of just letting her experience something new without us prodding, practicing, and feeling apprehensive so we can be on our guard.

instead, we let our guard down.  cuz you know, (as we say over and over to each other) we finally have the kinda baby we thought we’d have way back then.

enter:  bubbles.  more specifically of the bath-sort.  as in a bubble bath.

oooohhhhh so those often longed-for olden days are back!  there’s the jovie we remember.  the one who detests bathtime to the point of screaming bloodymurder that even being downstairs with the tv on you can’t hear the tv.  those bathtimes.  the ones where, when she was a baby, would end up being messier than before b/c after you hoist her out of the bathtub (which she detested), she’d scream so violently that she’d poop all over the towel that, thank god, The Mr. (and not me) would be holding.

aaaaahhhhh the olden days.

so we have our baby back.

b/c we totally didn’t even think that a bubble bath would make her flip her freaking lid.  she LOVES bubbles, and it’s her favorite part of both library time & music class.  and “buh-boo” is one of her words. 

but even the very few bubbles we put in her low-filled bathtub was way too much, and she freaked out before she could even give it a chance.  FUH-REAKED out!

so i took the soap and erased* them & that wasn’t good enough.  so i drained the tub.  and that wasn’t good enough.  that was saturday.  sunday’s & monday’s baths (sans bubbles, no doubt) haven’t gone well, either.  oh please let this be a passing phase.  b/c bedtime around here used to be quite nice!

but, you know…. she more than makes up for it:


i love this walking gig

i love this walking gig

*am i the only one who knows how to erase bubbles with soap??  i remember being a kid and hating the washing part and saved till the water was borderline freezing b/c all the fun would disappear.


June 4, 2009

this is not jovie’s favorite radio station.  it is actually the reading on the thermometer a few days ago when she got her first fever.

one week shy of 11 months, and we finally got to see what kind of kid she’d be when she was sick.  you hear sometimes how being sick changes things…. personalities, routines, etc…

i’m developing a theory that it makes the family revert back to newborn times.  b/c that seems to be what happened to jovie.  instead of the nice naps we have grown acccustomed to, she decided to go back to the days where she wouldn’t nap, but for possibly 15min or 30 at most.  with lots of crying in the duration.  wait- did i say crying??  no, i mean ear-piercing-blood-curdling-glass-shattering-screaming.  

well, it wasn’t like that ALL day.  at least, not when we held her.  The Mr. picked a fine time to decide to work from home this week….   tho’ it is The Mr.’s fault that we have a fever at all.  he has the smallest of colds this weekend.  unlike last time- in february—where his whole workgroup got it, and it was BAD.  this time- pretty minor.  and we weren’t diligent this time about keeping him away from her.  we discussed it.  but, really-  she’s ~11mos old.  isn’t it about time we let that immune system work? 

so on tuesday (after sleeping all the way thru the night w/o any peep at all) i noticed after breakfast she had a little runny nose.  it began when she started to “snorfle” [for the potters in the group, that’s what i call what haylee used to do]….  she wrinkles up her nose and sniffs in and out.  she does this not cold-related.  but this time, there was stuff to snorfle.

not a big deal, this runny nose.  just a little here and there; she even let me use the aspirator (which has rarely been needed).  she seemed fine.  was playing pretty good.  until she decided not to.  she would rather be held, please.

of course- i thought it was probably due to the fact that daddy was home.  she tends to change a few habits when this happens.  so when she refused to nap, i thought it was b/c of him as well.  by that time, her nose wasn’t even running very much.

as the day went on, just around the time she was grating on our nerves- what with the holding and the holding and the not-getting-any-work-done-here holding… i finally picked her up after she didn’t eat much dinner and i noticed she was quite hot.

so, poor baby.  but really- it was gone by yesterday afternoon, and she hasn’t had a runny nose much at all.  nor is it stuffy.

yesterday was a little ruf.  she was fussier in the early part of the day than she had been on tuesday when it all began.  again- going back to the reverting to newborn stage:  at one point the only thing that calmed her was my rhythmic swaying/shushing.  and she even wouldn’t go down for a nap until daddy held her and she slept in his arms first.  that hasn’t happened in many months. 

we’re glad she’s back to her newer old-self today.  happy, playful little girl who at this very moment is still sleeping!

<<<visualize an adorable picture of mommy & jovie watching baby einstein while holding flopsy under a blanket here.   daddy was too busy at work for me to ask him to take her first “sick” pic…… but wow, it woulda been cute!>>>