who’s the april fool?

April 1, 2008

we went to the dr. this morning as planned.  appointment at 8am.  home after 1pm.

good timing that last night i was out of breath when i went to bed (i frequently get out of breath only when climbing the stairs).  when i awoke, i still had shortness of breath.

dr. asked how things were. i told her.  she looked at my legs.  saw one was swollen (usually only one ankle has swollen after i’ve been on my feet all day …elevating it solves that easily).  never has it been so swollen. esp after waking up.

anyway—– they sent me to labor & delivery.  (!?!?!) they just wanted to monitor my oxygenation & they took (wheeled) me down like a real patient (i even had a bracelet!) to radiology for an ultrasound of my leg.  course it wasn’t swollen, b/c i had been laying down in a L&D room (!!) for quite awhile. 

long story short. all is “fine”.  there is no clot.  i left w/ no diagnosis and “no babies”.  seriously.  i checked out and the paper said i was discharged with no babies. 

baby was never in any kind of harm or anything. this was more for me. for nothin’

the upshot is that i have a new idea for a future post……..   

see y’all later. 



March 28, 2008

can i just say that’s such a fun word??  go ahead- say it out loud.    i now remember that word is in a disney movie…. which was it?  beauty & the beast?   i love when fun words are also in lyrics.

i digress……..

this will be a smorgasbord of topics.  no good title to fit it; a smattering.  odds & ends. whatever.

The Mr. is the clever one.  I feel like as I get bigger I get less funny!  But i know some of you are reading this to know how things are going.  we leave the humor to dad. 

in a nutshell (& the reason why there isn’t a post every day) i/we’re doing great.  i definitely have a pregnant belly.  so i’m growing.  i can’t imagine being 3 months bigger!  (course i couldn’t really imagine being this big, either)

i am starting my 3rd trimester today.  (!!!!???!!!!)  ok.  say that with me:  (!!!!???!!!!) 

i know i’ve mentioned wanting to feel little bean.  s/he’s a good listener b/c i am.  even The Mr. can enjoy the kicks and things.  he likes to listento LB.  says it sounds funny to hear baby move.  in case you didn’t catch it from before, LB has even kicked daddy!  that was hilarious. i think we both just stared at each other cracking up.  i mean- what else couldja do?

we all enjoyed a fantastic easter.  we appreciate Little Bean’s gramma & grampa very much for the gifts!  LB now has a place to sleep….  a beautiful crib that fits well and looks perfect in the nursery.  But the importantthing (according to grampa) is the bike trailer he bought ben for his birthday!  and it’s big enough that i’m sure LB could sleep in that as well. 

between the crib and the glider that aunt jo-jo & aunt kelly lent us—-  that kid will be very prepared to sleep.

we have an understanding.  mommy likes to sleep.  Little Bean is living in mommy (therefore learning from her) so LB will also enjoy sleeping in!  that IS how it works, right?  The Mr. thinks i should be able to talk to baby telepathically.  you know, since we’re connected and all.  so surely it will develop sleeping patterns from me. (and please not daddy!!!  who else in this world can hear cat paws on carpet????)

so, we’re all doing well.  we have a dr’s appt on tuesday.  hopefully there will not be any april fool’s jokes goin’ on. 

guess that about wraps up things to share. thanks for reading!

there’s a fundus amungus

March 12, 2008

i can’t get that phrase outta my head!  ever since i read it in a book or email earlier on in my pregnancy….    i dedicate this titled post to my brother Danny, who would mention the fungus among us anytime he could (mushrooms, anyone?)

i think most everyone reading this blog has had a child already, so you know about the fundus.  for the maybe 2 of you—- that’s where they measure your belly. 

i was excited to finally have it measured yesterday…. since that phrase has run thru my head.  and i’m happy that it’s right on target!  23cm for 22+ weeks.

i was more excited to hear the heartbeat yesterday.  it’s been a month…  and that’s the proof i have that little bean is growing inside.  Heather said heartbeat sounded good & strong.  which was a relief to me. 

i wouldn’t say i’ve been worried or stressed, but definitely preoccupied by the fact that i am still not feeling LB in any consistent way.  i felt it a looong time ago. then not for a good while.  then it started to be more regular.  & as soon as i found a pattern, it didn’t come again.  i know that i will be complaining about too much movement soon enough- so i don’t want to rush things.  but it’s the only connection i have w/ this little bean living inside of me.  it’s the only way i know LB is saying “hi”.

Heather reassured us that it’s normal…  at about 28 weeks i can expect consistent movement.  ok. don’t wanna rush it.

there’s lots to prepare for.  we were on a roll for about a month or so.  but now w/ work picking up so much for me, it was quite difficult even finding time for a childbirth class!  and i had several weekends to choose from.

we’re more than half-baked.  i wish i had posted on week 20. i also wanted to eat half-baked ice cream (yum) but my mother-in-law made us dessert when we were in greenville.  brownies w/ vanilla ice cream (yum!).

sadly, we comment on how quickly this is going. i know it’s just gonna get quicker.  i’m enjoying what i can….              i still have been quite lucky.  all’s well so far! 

doctor, doctor- don’t tell me the news….

February 13, 2008

we had an ultrasound last week- a full anatomy scan.  we don’t want to know what we’re having, so we turned our heads at the appropriate time.   (like we woulda been able to tell anyway!).

 LB didn’t move near as much as the last ultrasound we had when the dr. all but had to chase it!  but we did see a flip in the finale!  and it crossed its legs. (and arms????)

dr seemed pleased w/ how things were developing.  good heartbeat & all that jazz.  it still sounds like thuds, but i have to admit, i didn’t giggle near as much as i normally do during the heartbeat time!

like mom, LB isn’t very photogenic (this time)…  they even took a picture of the foot.  and you can’t make that out, except that it says “foot”. 

other than all that, i’ve been extremely fortunate, and continue to feel well.  i went to a “moms in motion” class last week and will go again tomorrow.  i don’t do near enough excercise!!! 

just b/c some of you may be wondering: 

i’m beginning to show.  not feeling the little bean quite yet.——my only 2 complaints so far have been that my legs sometimes hurt at night, and my gorgeous acne is still here.  sorry y’all-  ‘fraid there’ll be no “pregancy glow” for me!

but all seems well, and we look forward to march when they measure my “fundus”…  i can’t help but love these pregnancy words!   As my brother Danny would probably be saying right now:   “there’s a fundus among us”  although he’d probably also tell us to name it puddintain!

more on names———     LATER.

row, row, row…..

January 29, 2008

About a month ago, we had an interesting sight!  We got to see little bean in ALL it’s action.

What????  all i could say is:    UH-OH.  all i could think was:  i better lay off the caffeine. (ha)  LB was all over the place!  & i’m a little scared about feeling this in a few weeks.

when i was thinking of writing about it, something that came to my mind to describe it was this:    when i was young, sometimes my sister (the ever incredible hostess that she is…. and apparently always has been) would have my parents and whoever was still young in the house over for dinner.  she and her husband have always been in great shape and into fitness.  [guess i don’t take after her!]       anyway…….. one of the things i remember about sometimes going over there was being allowed to “play on” their rowing machine.

when thinking about little bean’s antics, & how to describe them, is exactly that.

sit on a rowing machine and pull forward so that your knees are bent all the way.  then it’s as if LB would push back as hard as possible and try to hit its head on the other side of my belly!!!  not that i ever did that w/ dianne’s machine. 

sooooooo  i don’t feel it yet, but that’s the oddest reality.  to know this is happening inside my belly & i’m not privy to such info!  we laugh about it a lot.

girl or boy, this kid’ll be a great soccer player!    

& here’s one thing i learned

January 15, 2008

you’d think someone woulda warned me about the humorous activity known in the prenatal sector as: listening to the heartbeat.


 why did i crack up?? 

we heard the heartbeat the very first time a month ago at our appointment.  i guess we were about 10 weeks along or so.  naturally b/c the bean was so tiny (& a bean heart was only the size of a grain of rice), it was hard for the doc to find.

i cracked up the whole time!  and every time, you could hear my voice and insides on the doppler.  she did actually find little bean long enough for us to hear the heartbeat for, oh- 3 seconds.  (where it was proclaimed that it sounded GREAT)….  now that’s a good doctor!

going to an ultrasound about a week and a half ago told us exactly why it took forever to find.  that little bean can move!  (more on that later)

today, we went for another appointment, and the heartbeat was found almost immediately.  she said it sounded healthy.  i didn’t giggle as much (b/c i was somewhat prepared)…  but man.

a warning woulda been nice.

feed me

January 10, 2008

last night i got to share the news with probably the last of our friends.  that was a lot of fun!  but how many times have i gotten the question:  are you craving anything???

which is surprising, b/c i always thought cravings came around when you were LARGELY pregnant, not just starting out. in any case, i really don’t have any (yet).

of course, anyone who knows me asks or jokes if i’ll crave veggies or tomatoes.  HA.  i think The Mr is hoping i’ll crave a pizza.

as i don’t have any cravings, per se…  i have done something a little bizarre.  last weekend in a restaurant, i paid $2.50 for a very small salad b/c i knew i needed some sort of veggies.  (ok, lettuce does count!)    it was a salad bar so i got to pick out some cukes, too.  and then i saw some broccoli staring at me.  little tiny pieces.  so i added one to my plate.

and when i ate it (surrounded by romaine, of course) i decided i liked it.  i think my exact words were:  “are you kidding me?”  granted, it doesn’t taste like chocolate or anything, but it’s sooooo muuuuchhh better than cooked broccoli!!

so we bought some.  i bought the ones that were tiny.  if the bag had too many big “trees” i had to find one w/ tiny ones.  i still need to surround it w/ my lettuce, but c’mon.           do i get a full serving? no. but i get a whole lot more than i ever did before!

come on, little bean- grow strong!

still no word on the ‘maters or pizza.  i’ll definitely keep you posted!