may the fourth be with her

August 7, 2017

so, this happened:

what you can’t really tell in these pictures is how OLD she looks in this very sparkly dress (with a belt!)

she went to school with these smiles.  we hope she returns with them as well.  this is the first time ever she hasn’t been thrilled with going back to school…   she is not in class with her BFF and they will be changing classes.  BIG STUFF over here.




end of 3rd grade!

May 26, 2017

it has been a fun & busy last week of school.  we are lucky that The Mr. has been home.  jovie loves her morning piggy backs and “daddy lunch”.  luckier still that he has gotten to go to her 2 special days this week.

tuesday we went to hear “Park Ranger Jovie” share what she knows about Channel Islands.  this was a culminating project all year where she got to choose & study a national park.  this has also piqued her interest  in becoming a park ranger.  (she told us that after Mammoth Caves.)  she constantly asks when we are going to go to California to visit her park.  (interestingly enough, it is right across from Ventura beach, which is where The Mr. & i began our journey on the PCH 5 years ago!)


wednesday i went to her Mini Society Market Day.  this was the culminating activity from the last month of school where all of 3rd grade earns “money”, pays rent, makes products (or services) and learns about semi-real economics.  it is such a cool concept that Georgia does in 3rd grade.  it would have a lot of value in high school as well, so let’s get on that!  jovie’s service was to teach people how to dance.  she was able to teach 2 kids what she knows.  the fun part was going around and buying all the other products/services from  everyone else.  notebooks, pencil holders, hair bows, bookmarks & a planter were just some of the things we brought home.

after market day, The Mr. was able to come to their awards ceremony.  after last year’s ceremony, jovie made the goal to have perfect attendance & straight a’s in third grade.  (she also set a goal for her to have a clean desk).  well 2 bouts of strep throat & a bout of the flu did not get that memo.  however, we were surprised and very pleased that she met her other goal and had straight A’s for the year!  (last year she missed it by one B+ in the 2nd 9 weeks).


jovie loved earning the medal that comes with the honor!

and today, folks- is her last day of 3rd grade!!  incidentally, The Mr. just showed me that she’s about to turn 9.  she is literally half-way to graduate high school!!     MAKE IT STOP.

the start of the 2nd half

August 8, 2016

the 2nd half of elementary school has begun!!


the big hall.  WOW.  third grade.  WOWWOW.

her dress matches her bookbag matches her lunchbox.  she’s still freakin’ adorable!

2nd grade

May 20, 2016

is behind us.    !!

jovie is halfway through with elementary school.       !!!     and i have the pictures to prove it:

it was a bumpy start.  it wasn’t what i thought it would be.  she thrived in some areas.  she loved learning some areas.  she will improve in some areas.  she kept some friends, made some friends & overall just really enjoyed herself.  she was slow to warm up to the new class & expectations.  but once she did, she loved it.

we are both very proud of jovie this year.  she is growing to be such a very special (& smart) little girl!  she amazes us often.

second grade, part 2

August 24, 2015

school has started off well, and jovie has liked it so far.  however, it seems like we’ve had an explosion of kids, which led to us adding another 2nd grade teacher.

Jovie was excited to have yet another “first day” of school with a different teacher.

other than that, we are getting in the swing of things.  coping with more homework (and even MORE with this new teacher!), and new routines.  she goes to enrichment class one day a week as well, so we have a lot to adjust to.  add to the fact Dad was Down Under the past 2 weeks.  she’s doing well.

We have taken a mini-break from extra curricular activities and that is the smartest thing!  We start full-fledged in September.

and all last week there was a massive count-down to when we’d see not only daddy but also gramma & grampa! both came on Friday.  we had a nice weekend with them and look forward to their return!

do you have a second?

August 6, 2015




wish us luck! we’re all new at this one.

the rest of october

November 6, 2012

sorry i’ve been a little delayed in posting gratuitous photos of halloween fun.

november started out with a bang.  between that and not having my “new” camera… i found that i took a little less pictures, and the ones i did take didn’t really stand out.  but i know that some of you (gramma, grampa & aunt barbara) probably want to see the little ballerina in action.

oh yes. i did re-use the re$ital co$tume she wore for one night in june.  it all worked out perfectly.  you see, last year, when jovie was a cat, we knew this since the previous December!  no lie.  it never wavered once.  so, in june, i was hoping that since she hasn’t said anything else we could utilize her recital garb.  by the time september came around and i asked her what she would like to be for halloween, she said she didn’t know.  (i can’t remember, but she may or may not have said “you decide” which she’ll say sometimes when she doesn’t want to make a decision.)  i suggested she could be a ballerina and she pounced on that idea.  and i was golden.  but then 3 seconds later, she said “orrr………..” (and i held my breath just a little) ….”or a tapdancer!”      THAT’S MY GIRL!

so here we are:

actually, this was before dance class.  she wore her ballet slippers for the actual trick-or-treating time.  & unfortunately, the shirt was needed for the beautifully cool evening.

and here’s her haul.  not near as much as last year, but that’s OK with us!

and if anyone’s wondering, she chose Whoppers.  really??  out of all that.  i think she wanted something she’d never had before.  so she chose the package with 3 tiny little whoppers in it.  she didn’t mind at all:

we got to have more halloween fun throughout the month.  as i mentioned in the last post, we went to our friends’ annual halloween party.  and then there was school fun:

she actually participated in the games this year.

she looked forward to the pony ride again!
this is the first of 2 rides she took.

she loved “pass the pumpkin” (hot potato) although she CLEARLY didn’t get the rules. at all!

we also had our own little halloween party for our “Friday Friends”.  ummmm, i don’t have any pictures of that for some odd reason.  i took some video, and got things ready.  but the amazing christina was there.  i promise,  i like her for her friendship, but i can’t help it if she posted THESE amazing pictures of the party.  all the kids had a blast!  (and jovie flopped “pass the pumpkin” again!)

although, i did notice, she left off a picture:

christina is the BEST rainbow brite ever!

of course, there was also this:


seriously- how clever is The Mr?

(once he began cutting into it, he realized there’d be a problem…. but of course -OFCOURSE- he worked it out perfectly)

October is always a lot of fun.  Bring on November.

but, here- i leave you with a random picture of jovie because she said “you have to take a picture of my tights!!”