Spring Break #3 aka road trip

April 9, 2016

So. Um. I am not sure what happened because I could’ve sworn I talked about last year’s spring break.  ??  We went to Texas.  Basically just off of Texas (Galveston Island); but rule-follower that I am I made sure to venture “mainland” & we spent a little time in Houston, too.

Ummmmm….  ?? Ok. well, spring break #2 was good.

now on to Spring Break #3.  We took a road trip to Biloxi & New Orleans (with a stop in Selma- where I lived for 4 1/2 years) on the way back.

We have known we were doing this as a road trip for quite some time.  So we went ahead and upped our schedule (just a little bit) and bought ourselves a car back in October.

And, here, may I present to you- our brand new car.  On the road trip.  In Gulfport, MS (we were taking a ferry to Ship Island for the day!)

ah, yes.  the car didn’t break down, so much as STOP WORKING….  during a left-hand turn to boot!

All was well.  I have some very very choice words for our dealer who did NOT fix the recall that was done for our car before we purchased it. And hindsight being what it is…. I can affirm, attest, promise you that THIS was the best place/time for us to be in this situation!

Some humor, a little stress, extra expense & time….  and our vacation continued.

(To be continued……)


tiger fan

January 11, 2016

so it’s all clemson all up in here these days.

it is quite an exciting time to be a clemson fan!  no matter what, we have done excellently this year, and although we have been extremely lucky in a lot of cases, the ORANGE Bowl itself was well-earned.

it’s about time the luck has fallen our way;  you know they coined a term for the typical luck that has befallen us over the years.

“clemsoning” is taking a new form this year!

how exciting!


reasons why we will win:

  • the blind-side dude is a starting freshman (rare) that is the nephew of the last guy who did this for us.
  • we have been underdog for the past 4 bowl games and have won.
  • Danny Ford was coach of the year in 1981.  Dabo Swinney is now.
  • We haven’t beat Alabama since 1905- it’s about dang time we do!
  • we upset Nebraska when we were 7 point underdog the last time; going against a heisman winner.
  • Clemson’s Death Valley is 1,981 miles away from the stadium in Glendale.

whatever happens tonight, i firmly believe this won’t be our last chance. and i hope Dabo keeps Dabo-ing and celebrating his players/fans… even when this isn’t new!

it has been fun!





September 9, 2014

so i’ve mentioned before how uncanny jovie has been.  people who know us in person knows about the time she read my mind and asked “mommy, is gum healthy?” at the moment i thought about gum-  even though we don’t chew it in our house; and at that time she had never had a piece herself….

but a couple of weeks ago she did it again.  it prompted me to ask if it’s ESP if my mind is blank.

to be fair- i don’t believe in ghosts or ESP or anything like that.  however, i am documenting a lot of stuff jovie has done through the years just in case she gets her own TV show in the future.

so for who knows what reason she asked me about MY grandparents.  she asked what they were called, and i told her i had a Gramma Gursey, a Nana, and 2 Papas.  I explained that i never knew either of the grandfathers.  and for some reason that wasn’t what she had in mind.  she wanted to know their real names.  so i ran down the list.  i said:   Ida, Catherine, Julius and…….   ummmmm    hmmmmm  uh oh how do i not remember my grandfather’s name?  wow.  ……… ummmmmmm

just as i was about to pick up the phone to text a sis, jovie said “Charlie??”

at that exact moment i remembered his name was Charles.  and i freaked out a little.


Grandparents’ Day

October 1, 2011

what a treat to have Gramma & Grampa come down for a (much too) short visit!

her preschool puts on a program of sorts.  i was told it was a very nice setup.  parents aren’t allowed to this “exclusive” shin-dig.  so many grandparents come, there’s just not enough room for parents, too.  so i wasn’t invited.  but it musta been cool, because g’ma & g’pa really enjoyed themselves.

i happened to be in the parking lot feeling shunned reading a magazine when i noticed jovie’s class go into the auditorium first.  i happened to look up and i saw her from far away get excited.  physically excited.  she literally hopped up & down and i’m pretty sure i heard a squeal as her class was walking in line (!) to go inside.

last night, gramma & i were talking about how jovie would be for this program.  i assumed there would be a song, but i didn’t think it would be a big production. (it wasn’t).  but we talked about how it is all of the 3’s, 4’s & K’s…. so like i dunno. 100 kids.  at least 100 grandparents.

sally asked me what i think her reaction would be.  without missing a beat, i stuck my fingers in my mouth and played coy.

because my daughter comforts herself that way at any new situation.  crowds. loud noises. new places. expecting to sing/dance/answer/perform.  which would be the exact definition of “grandparents’ day” at school.

sally wholeheartedly agreed, but then mentioned she may surprise us.  and for a fleeting second, i thought:  hmmm yeah. she probably will.  (she’s been known to do that a few times!)

apparently she enjoys the stage.

no fingers.  the excitement i saw.  and also- she spotted them in the crowd (had no idea what they would be wearing, so that must’ve been a feat) and happily said loudly “there’s my gramma & grampa!”

now, i’m not gonna say that she lit up the stage or anything.  and i was told she barely sang.  but- she didn’t withdraw.

and i think that is huge.

it’s amazing to see how far she’s come with adapting to ….life.

and it means so much, to me in particular, to see jovie developing an honest-to-goodness relationship with her grandparents.  it was wonderful of them to juggle their schedules and make the drive for such a short visit.  it meant a lot to jovie as well as me.

interestingly, at lunch afterwards, somehow jovie asked about my own parents.  i pretty much floundered about the whole thing.  i can’t remember what even started her on it, but when she asked if meemaw or poppa were going to come visit, it stopped me in my tracks for a minute.

[….. i just spent entirely too much time looking in my archives to where i may possibly have mentioned meemaw & poppa.  and so far i didn’t find anything to link to.  (i’m sorry)…… i don’t think i have any readers who don’t know me, but just in case- unfortunately both of my parents have passed away]

it’s awesome to see that jovie legitimately thinks about, misses, and loves gramma & grampa.  and of course- it’s reciprocal!

in a year

October 4, 2010

will i ever stop comparing the todays to the year agos?  i don’t think so.  we’ve been doing it a lot lately, and i wanted to let y’all in on it.

crawling; tiny (adorable) pigtails.

a year ago, at september’s end, jovie had a vocabulary of 13 words.  she signed 6 & spoke 7 words. 

standing upright, unbelievable (atrocious) hair. picture day at SCHOOL!

now, she will narrate everything that’s going on.  EVERYTHING.  here’s a sample of just a walk from our car to the store:   “mommy’s unbuckling….  i holding flopsy.  ..we’re going to the store.  see the lady?  she has a bag?  see the lady?  going to ride in the buggy?  wanna drive??!!!?? (not today)…  mommy’s cleaning.  throw away”

i sh*t you not.

a year ago we began music class.  she spent most of her time staring at the teacher and the other kids.  it was the end of the fall class where we realized she WAS paying attention, because in the backseat, she said “pup pup” when she knew the song about the dogs was coming up next!

nowadays, she still stares at the teacher and other kids—  [but in a few weeks, she’ll warm up again & will dance and sing for others.]  but she likes to listen for guitars, pianos, trumpets, flutes and singers in the songs… for instance:

on the way home from greenville a couple of weeks ago, (without any prompting), while listening to Jack Johnson, she began her normal routine:     J- “do you hear the man singing?”  M- “yes. i do hear him.”   J- “hear the guitarrrr?”  M- “yes! that is a guitar.”  J- “and maraccas?”  M-(ohmygod are you kidding me?) “yes. i DO hear maraccas.  good listening!”…. (in my head:  that kinda sounds like egg-shakers that we use in music.  hmmm, i wonder if musicians use those for real)…..J- “egg??’  M- “ummm, ohmigoodness. yes, jovie. that does sound like an egg-shaker!”

i sh*t you not.

a year ago, in november, we went to the apple orchard.  ok, so 11months ago…  well, in looking at pix from last year, anticipating about our upcoming trip this weekend, we noticed she’s in socks.  that’s right.  because she didn’t own a pair of shoes.  (well, thanks to my sister-in-law, she did have some adorable shoes that didn’t fit her GIGANTIC feet.)

i look forward to posting about that trip very soon!

2008 :



and tho i don’t know why i don’t have a more current picture to prove it, she still gives us that blank look.  (maybe b/c i delete all those!)

The Mr. & i were just discussing how very non-amazing she’ll be next year.  but at least for now, she blows our mind!


September 14, 2010

so, jovie- maybe you’ll read this when you are eight years old.

incidentally, 8 is one of the four numbers you recognize.

more importantly, eight is the number of years mommy & daddy have been married.  so, happy anniversary to The Mr.  we miss you.  a lot.

this one’s an interesting year, as it marks the point where we’ve been married half as long as being together.  it’s weird to think that just next year we will have been married longer than not.

more crazy with the numbers, as daddy put in perspective that 16 years ago we met.  when he was a freshman in college.  that was a long, long time ago!  (October marks that anniversary). 

the internet pretty much got invented just after that.  so 16 years ago technology was so much different than today. do you know that people use phones for way way more than calling people these days.  in fact, i bet more phones are used for not calling people!

but you know the crazy thing??  daddy pointed out that it will be 16 years from now when YOU are a freshman in college.

that blew my mind!

he sure does make life fun.

happy anniversary, daddy! we (i) love you.

the beach!

August 5, 2010

….who’da thunk??  it’s a GREAT place!

we recently took our first fairly big trip to visit my friend in Charleston.  and jovie still talks about that trip  (and miss becky, ansley, and mr. jimmy).  The Mr. and i were a little apprehensive about the ride there.  we ended up making an overnight pit stop in greenville on the way there.  but we knew when we came home, we were going to go all the way through (a 5hr drive w/o stopping).

all in all, jovie handled all the car-rides very well.  (way better than The Mr.) and since we were stuck in traffic on the way to g’ville, she missed her window for a nap.  surprisingly, she handled that more decently than she’s shown in the past.  and the ride home, we strategically placed stops along the way, and she only cried & screamed for about 1/2 hour before sleeping for an hour.

we went to charleston, and the girls seemed to be interested in each other (or at the very least, in each other’s toys). 

we truly were able to exercise our patience and sharing abilities.  and again- it went unexpectedly well.

luckily, since our kids are about the same age, we were sure to keep on a good kid-schedule.  double-lucky that they seem to have about the same schedule.

saturday morning we ate breakfast, lotioned everyone up, and headed to the beach!

here, you see anticipation:

"i'm so excited"

i couldn’t wait to see what jovie would do with this new-big-fun experience.  i know life things overwhelm her….  so i knew this could go either way.  i prepared everyone involved that mayhaps we try it and then leave rather quickly.

decked out in her “baby suit”, cover up, sunglasses, and water sandals, we make the trek to the ocean.  we get off the walkway and walk into the soft sand.  we take about 5 steps and then we halt.

some of us squat down and cry. 

so The Mr. did the right thing- swooped in and rescued her. 

that part, i completely expected.  but of course, in the 30 seconds it took to walk to the wet sand/water, i crossed my fingers and wondered how the wet sand would affect her.

(whenever we’ve played with a sandtable at therapy- her hand usually is coming out of her mouth.  i try to dry it off, but inevitably, she will touch the sand with those magic 2 fingers…. and she detests it!)

crossing my fingers must have helped because no sooner could we put down our gear when this happened:

very contemplative

waiting for another wave

i know you can’t really tell here, but those pictures were taken 15 seconds apart.  first- dry hair.  last- very wet hair…  and she didn’t mind at all.

in fact, she went under at least 3 times, and the only time she fussed that day was when she was in too deep and we had to drag her back toward the shore!

she continually talked about “go for swim”, and i have some great video of the whole thing.  she and ansley finally got together and held hands jumping waves.  i also noticed it was the first time jovie really took notice of another kid in order to mimic her, instead of just being near her.  they were really sweet together.

The Mr. said he’d never seen her so happy, and i couldn’t agree more.  it was very worth the trip!  and we’re still surprised that all in all, she handled the whole adventure wonderfully. 

we will definitely go back next year.

especially because when i ask her where we just went with ansley, she’ll tell someone “the beach”…  what happened at the beach?  “fall down!……got dirty”  —all said with the biggest smile!