happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

July 9, 2018

oh, yes! would you just slow down already?

we are your biggest fans, and you are everything we wanted.

we are excited to see what TEN will bring.

we love you so much!


happy birthday!!!!!!!!

July 9, 2017

thank you, sweet girl, for all the happiness you bring!

we love you so much.

happy birthday!!!!!!!

July 9, 2016

happy birthday, jovie.

keep following your arrow.

you are an amazing kid.  we love you so much!

happy birthday!!!!!!

July 9, 2015

Be strong, baby girl.

We love you so much!

happy birthday!!!!!

July 9, 2014

happy birthday, jovie!  we love you, little girl.

don’t let the blog archives fool you…. i really do think this all happened overnight.

we are SO proud of you!




happy birthday!!!!

July 9, 2013

happy birthday, jovie!

there really is nobody like you.

we love you little girl.

happy birthday!!!

July 9, 2012

happy birthday, jovie.

we hope you always make a way for yourself in your own style in this big world.

we love you, little girl!