so overdue!

October 26, 2020

I know grampa is wanting to see the blog updated on his new ipad. Sorry grampa!

october is (the best!) almost over. unbelievably.

it has been a good month, as far as pandemic months go.

the highlight was when we ventured back to that same lovely mountain house to break up the days. it was lovely. the colors were beginning to show; and even in the few days we were there we saw more come through by the end!

it was especially lovely that gramma & grampa came up for a day to enjoy it as well! we celebrated by having Easter Dinner. but with apple pie for dessert. because- autumn!

we had pretty awesome weather. not as cool or chilly, but not too hot either. some rainy lazy days. watching the braves (woot woot!) and saturday football with fog surrounding us.

we left the house one day after the rain and drove around. it was really very nice. and when we left to go back home, i realized that i didn’t wear shoes once. a slipper vacation!! perfect.

it was so great to visit with gramma & grampa. even with all the extra precautions we took. we have missed them. jovie was talkative (!!) while i was in the kitchen making dinner. so glad to know she can enjoy them.

the rest of october has been pretty nice.

—we went hiking one day and enjoyed the scenery at a place we’ve been quite a few times before.

—my birthday weekend was pretty spectacular. the weather cooperated and that is 90% what i need for a decent birthday.

— jovie has had a few masked/socially distanced 4H activities, so it’s been nice having her go out and about a little bit.

it’s kind of weird how 7months later and i’m STILL not sure how time is marching on so quickly. october is quickly leaving us.

since last year jovie stopped trick-or-treating, it makes this year much easier to not worry about. we will have our own fun. apparently the movie Hocus Pocus is all the rage; so we plan to have a movie night with marshmallow popcorn, candy corn, & another fun little dessert.

i will leave you with some nice pix….

hiking @ sprewell bluff
the mountain house with some color
Easter Dinner…. 6months later
foggy,rainy Saturday… perfect for football

A first!

September 6, 2020

we interrupt this blog about jovie to document that i had my first true pizza! not that anyone is keeping track, but i already said i had my first pizza way back when in Arizona!

that was delicious, for sure! but it was probably more like a bacon cheddar bread than anything else. however, since it had been ordered as a pizza, i maintained that i had a pizza.

The Mr. doesn’t buy it. after 25 years of togetherness, he still brings up more often than would be expected the fact that i don’t eat pizza.

so early on in this pandemic, as i was trying my hand at pizza doughs, i was going to make a delicious pizza with garlic white sauce that i could eat. that didn’t pan out because, according to The Mr., a pizza is tomatoey and probably pepperoni-y and sausagey.

yesterday i was feeling inspired and i made TWO pizzas. so he could have his boring one. and i can try this delicious one

i am SO very glad i found the food blog Baked by Rachel. she also isn’t a fan of tomatoey! so when i saw this- i knew i wanted it.

and NOW i know i LOVE IT! guess who else loves it??? The Mr. he literally ate his words and was very happy with this actual, real live, true pizza that is not tomatoey.

i guess it is now making its rotation on pizza saturdays!

added spinach instead of onions from her recipe

giving thanks

November 30, 2020

in this horrible year of years, i try very hard to be grateful; and to remind The Mr. & jovie of the little nice things we can still be thankful for. and the current thing we are all thankful for (besides our obvious decent health) is that we were able to spend some time with Gramma & Grampa.

yes, our Thanksgiving definitely looked a little different this year, but it was a fantastic day, nonetheless.

because the CDC recommended smaller get-togethers, even though it’s always just the 5 of us, we wanted to at least limit the amount of time we usually spend for the holiday. initially i was a little bummed about not having some of our traditions upheld. but we made it work, and parts of it worked out even better. The Mr. especially liked the less work and cleanup feature of it.

so instead of spending a few days together, we were so thankful gramma & grampa made the drive to come down for lunch and then leave before night. we hated all that driving for grampa, but i think he was well-rested (and definitely well-fed).

so instead of the traditional turkey spread, i just made a turkey breast (in the slow cooker, even! saved up the oven) and we sliced it with our electric knife….it sounded like Potter Thanksgiving for sure! and we had sandwiches. i did make sweet potato souffle & cranberry sauce, but that was mostly to make it “holiday-esque” and we all enjoyed sandwiches and chips in front of the TV with all the windows open. watching those poor lions lose their football game on Thanksgiving…… i guess some traditions are still upheld.

it was so great to visit. it was relaxing for sure. and of course, there were pies! that’s always pretty welcomed.

after they had to leave, we just continued doing a lot of what we normally do. video games, reading, football. and then, even though i staunchly refuse to acknowledge christmas until december first, it was my suggestion to watch an xmas movie that night! we watched Klaus. so adorable! popcorn (and coke!) for dinner. it was pretty fabulous!

we are not sure what christmas will bring… we are hopeful we’ll get to spend at least part of it together! even though, no doubt, it will look different. until then, i will remain grateful for anything i can be.

everyone mask up, stay home, and be safe.


August 31, 2020

we had a wonderful surprise yesterday!  it has been 6 months to the day since we last saw gramma and grampa.  we have missed them for sure!  and they took the opportunity to go on one of their many drives they take and come down here for a minute.

so glad they surprised us because i’m pretty sure The Mr. would have talked them out of it.  jovie loved being able to see them and visit; and we loved having a reason for her to be out of her room.  (haha).

so frustrating that they drove about 6 hours for a 2 hour driveway visit!  but very enjoyable!  so, thank you gramma & grampa!  it was a wonderful way to spend our sunday afternoon!

(i have pictures to share.  but they are over there …)


seventh grade!

August 17, 2020

Welcome to the first day of 7th grade!

Jovie woke up pretty happy this morning.  she’s looking forward to the year.  don’t get me wrong…. she’d much rather have little responsibility and all of the freedom summer has.  but she’s interested in how the year will be and glad to be having PE in the comfort of her own home and not on a basketball court!


no backpack. no shoes. school in 2020


walkin down the hallway to class


ready to enter class!


no big update

August 12, 2020

hello! we are still here.  staying home.  laying low.  and still TWELVE if you can believe it.

jovie will start 7th grade on monday.  virtually.

our awesome district has pushed the date by 2 weeks to give teachers time to train for the scenarios needing home-learning.  which, if you are opting to go to the school, they will begin the year in the hybrid model.  learning from home 3 days; going to school for 2.

in any case- we have opted to do full-time virtual all year long.  so the color code system of our district will not have impact on us.  when we came home in march, jovie thrived and loved the at home learning.  this year will be very different. conducted differently. plus trying to learn a new grade and new teachers.  surely it will be a challenge.

we will do what we can to make it like a school year.  and not like summer.  meaning days will start earlier.  breakfast will not be a pop-tart.  and lunch will be more like the lunch we pack for her, and less like a free-for-all at the Carbs/Snack farm!  (goldfish, potato chips, pretzels and a slice of cheese does not make for a normal lunch!)

we go for drives every so often.  but jovie is spending a lot of time legoing and watching videos about legoing.  & reading.  our recent highlight was when i had the bright idea to return the library books, then grab CFA and go to lake horton for a scenic lunch in the car (95 degrees outside and a girl who doesn’t wear shoes these days guaranteed that)

[pretend you can see a picture here.  there is a cat purring and sleeping against my leg, so going to upload recent photos just isn’t going to happen right now!]

y’all stay safe.  stay home.  and mask up.



July 12, 2020

time keeps marching on, and now Jovie is 12!


not a bad way to begin your birthday, i’d say…

we were fortunate enough to find an awesome mountain house to rent for something special for her birthday.  she was thrilled.

she thanked us a multitude of times, both leading up to going and while we were there.  we spent a few days there and will definitely go back once we can get back to normal.  the downtown area was something we would have liked to have explored.

we anticipated spending a lot of time in the house, which was no problem with the view we had.  and in preparation, we brought several games to play.   i think we played one once, because they had Outburst, and we had some fun with that most days.

we were able to take a couple drives.  we even picnicked outside and tried to see a gorgeous mountain view.  we were higher than the clouds, though, but that was neat in itself!


behind Bridal Veil Falls


one side of Wayah Bald

evenings were spent with the last harry potter movies.  jovie had decided that her birthday would be a fitting day to watch the final movie.  so the first night we got there, we popped popcorn & watched part 1.  and then the finale after her cookie cake.

The Mr. began the day with candles in her cinnamon rolls.  and even gave her the frosting cup to boot!

it was a great trip, a lovely house, and a very nice birthday.

we definitely missed gramma & grampa.  but luckily she was able to skype with them.

birthday trip bonus-  the rainbows we had!  just like last year!!

(July 8th & July 10th)

twelve, though-  WOW.


June 22, 2020

in these times of laying low, i’ve noticed there’s still been a little bit going on lately.  first of all, i hope all 3 of you reading this are happy & healthy & home.

GA opened up for business a lot sooner than maybe it should have.  that didn’t matter much to The Mr. & i.  we mostly are conducting ourselves as we did mid-march & april.  mostly.

unlike some of my friends, we aren’t feeling too burdened with staying home.  we don’t feel the need to constantly occupy jovie. believe me, she doesn’t  let us when we try.  and the weather we’d been having has been outstanding!!  mid-june and The Mr. and i enjoyed some windows open (all day long!) and morning coffee outside.  that is unheard of.  i went for a walk and was semi-chilly!  so the ONE good thing about 2020 so far has been the lovely weather we’ve consistently had.


the temperature with the windows open! mid june!

i’ve talked about legacy theatre several times on this here blog.  we loved going for the intimate professional shows.  then jovie began taking musical theatre classes.  they have outdone themselves with innovating during this horribly crazy time.  they built an outdoor stage they used for the final class.  they are putting on 2 professional shows this summer, and jovie will have her camp mostly outside.  all the while they are social distancing like madmen. they have really outdone themselves making sure we’re all safe.  which is awesome, because it is the reason we feel OK about jovie going to camp.  but also- jovie still gets to meet with broadway stars every week over zoom!  they have been incredible.

but last week, we went and saw You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  it was a fun/cute show and even jovie & The Mr. had a lot of laughs.  it was so great being able to do something semi-normal.  i can’t say enough about how awesome they have been with re-shaping everything to make all the guidelines work!

this past weekend it became summer, and thereby feels like summer.  totally nice.

The Mr. got a bonus day off as his company recognized Juneteenth.  so a nice long weekend was had.  the pool is even chilly because of that lovely weather we’d been having.  [i am a wimp; The Mr. spent a ton of time at the pool. i was in the chair enjoying the music]

he had a nice birthday and father’s day.  and we’ve been a tad busier in between.  i have been living life like a shut-in but we did go on a “date” to publix.  i hadn’t set foot inside our publix in 2 months!  [thank you instacart!!!]

speaking of instacart- i’m amazed at how many shoppers there are in our area.  in the weekly runs of groceries we order, i’ve had the same shopper only once.  but the one i got yesterday takes the cake!  i gathered my groceries from outside and she had left us a lovely bouquet.


which was a much needed bout of happiness.  because the cake she can take was the one that gave me a ton of trouble yesterday morning.  but it was all worth it.  that cake was absolutely delicious! i wish i could share some with my shopper! (and you guys!)

the only thing we’re doing a lil different from march & april is the fact that we have gotten takeout a little.  we’ve only done so a handful of times, but it gets to feel a little special when that happens.  and, hey, anything feeling “special” these days is to be enjoyed to the fullest!  (i have a poor picture of our first takeout- twisted taco!!)

jovie spends much of her days reading, re-reading, devouring the Harry Potter series.  and legoing.  and legoing scenes from harry potter.  saturdays have turned into movie nights, where we are going through the – you guessed it- Harry Potter movies.  she can answer any question we have.  and The Mr.  is reading/re-reading them now, too.


this might be the reason we aren’t needing to occupy her, and why we only see her at mealtimes most days.

we’re all hanging in there pretty well, and hope you are as well.

and, since i have no really interesting pictures on here, and The Mr. always notices when i don’t post a relevant pic-  here he is opening his signed books for father’s day.


anyone else have a Covid Beard?


June 1, 2020

in the middle of unprecedented times, i would like to mention that in our house in our little cul-de-sac, unprecedented times began 216 days ago.

that is how many days The Mr. has been HOME.  with us.  not travelling!

we are so fortunate that has been the case; and it’s been lovely.  and the fact he wasn’t traveling in the beginning of the pandemic eased both our minds greatly.

a client he is working with actually sent him home early because he was done for the week.  so he was able to come home on October 29th.  just in time to “celebrate” that we have been a couple for 25 years (oct 30th).  (wow!!)

it has been awesome.  the last time he was home this continuously was when we were pregnant up until jovie was 9months old!

216 days and (obviously) still counting…..





and just like that….

May 8, 2020

6th grade is over.

Jovie’s last day of learning was today.  the next 2 weeks will be used for the kids who have missing assignments or need extra help.

what a great year it was!  we had no idea what to expect.  and i truly think it was due to her teachers (her math teacher, especially) that jovie had a very successful year! we are (& she is) so proud of how this year went.

i truly feel so sad for all those who are missing their major milestones.  when school was permanently over, we felt bad for the 5th graders because we remember how fun/important that was to end the year off fun and see the middle school, etc.

it’s awful for the graduates- high school as well as college.

we have been lucky with our school and the virtual learning.  jovie has loved the independence of it.  here- you need to envision a cute end of year photo of her in her pajamas.  she did not want a pic taken, so the one i convinced her to let me take i promised i would not post; and it’s the back of her, anyway.

so now—- summer begins.  more of the same, i guess??  luckily, the pool is ready.  however, it’s been nice and cool here, so WE’RE not ready!

stay safe out there.  or, better yet, IN there….