we’re goin’ to Disney World…

February 4, 2016

…and we don’t even have to win the SuperBowl first!

It has been in the works for close to a year that we would go to Disney this year.

The Mr. & I have always said we wouldn’t be the parent who brings our toddler/baby/small kid to such an exhausting, expensive & fun place.

Being from GA, it is fair to say that as far as I know, Jovie is the last of her friends to discover “the most magical place on earth”.  And we are OK with that.

Our criteria was that our kid would have to:

  1. be interested
  2. be old enough to handle it
  3. be old enough to appreciate it.
  4. be old enough to remember it.

We assumed that would be around this age.  Sometime near the end of Kindergarten, Jovie casually mentioned something about Disney in the sense of “i hear people talk about this; what is it” kind of way.  That was my first clue that maybe she was starting to be interested.  We look at her age and our ability to schedule it in, and we have finally found a good time to go.

Unfortunately, we are already breaking one of our other rules- and that is that we will take her out of school for one day to be able to drive down.  To make up for that, we are not doing a week-long park-hopper madhouse excursion.

Unfortunately, Disney is no longer the place where we went way back in the 80s or 90s.  There are apps, schedules, 100000 blogs & books all dedicated to the subject.  Reservations to be made.  Not at the hotels (we are staying with The Mr.’s points off-site in Downtown Disney) but at the restaurants.

You guys, I made food reservations back in October!!  I could order lunch right now, if I so choose.  (I don’t!) And I already have fast-passes and know a general idea of where we will be at given hours of the day.  Weeks away!

I have only experienced Disney Parks a handful of times in my life; the first being an excursion with the band.  The Mr. has been one less time than me.   Back then, it was much easier.  People didn’t have to use up a FastPass to meet a princess (or not, in our case).  Characters just roamed the park and did a quick hello & pose.  Now there are lines upon lines to see anyone.  Or character breakfasts where prices are outrageous.

The Mr. & I have never been to Magic Kingdom together- and have each only been 1 time before.  None of us have been to Animal Kingdom.

It will be fun.  A 2 day, 2 park excursion that will test all of our limits.  But, she is interested.  She can handle it [we hope!!!]. And we assume she will remember it.  We think she’ll appreciate it because a few weeks ago,when we finally told her that we were taking her on a surprise trip, it didn’t even dawn on her as an option.  She was hoping for the beach.  She was delighted to hear about this other place instead!

Yesterday & this morning, she began talking about it.  She’s getting excited.  Sadly, there are no ferris wheels to be had.  (her all-time favorite ride) …. but you’ll never guess what she’s most excited for….

STORYTIME with Belle.

Her favorite princess…. who likes BOOKS… who acts out a story.

This really will be a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to share our pics upon our return…….



tiger fan

January 11, 2016

so it’s all clemson all up in here these days.

it is quite an exciting time to be a clemson fan!  no matter what, we have done excellently this year, and although we have been extremely lucky in a lot of cases, the ORANGE Bowl itself was well-earned.

it’s about time the luck has fallen our way;  you know they coined a term for the typical luck that has befallen us over the years.

“clemsoning” is taking a new form this year!

how exciting!


reasons why we will win:

  • the blind-side dude is a starting freshman (rare) that is the nephew of the last guy who did this for us.
  • we have been underdog for the past 4 bowl games and have won.
  • Danny Ford was coach of the year in 1981.  Dabo Swinney is now.
  • We haven’t beat Alabama since 1905- it’s about dang time we do!
  • we upset Nebraska when we were 7 point underdog the last time; going against a heisman winner.
  • Clemson’s Death Valley is 1,981 miles away from the stadium in Glendale.

whatever happens tonight, i firmly believe this won’t be our last chance. and i hope Dabo keeps Dabo-ing and celebrating his players/fans… even when this isn’t new!

it has been fun!




it’s 2016!

January 1, 2016

i am very glad i remember how to post to this here site.

i will try to do better this year.  you know, resolutions and all!

in the interest of time, i will do a quick post with quick pictures to appease the masses.

  • thanksgiving was, as usual, great!  we enjoyed our time in greenville and jovie was particularly excited to do something we saw some kids do a few trips ago….  it was awesome!  AND she met a girl there and spent over an hour playing and talking!  they now have become penpals and it would be great to see her next year!FullSizeRender
  • jovie’s performance in her recital was the best yet.  i was quite nervous for her after seeing her rehearsal.  but the performance was great!
  • aunt barbara & uncle steve came down for a night to do some christmassy things.  that was a lot of fun; and the next day we all went to see Rudolph again at the Center for Puppetry Arts.   we all loved it!FullSizeRender(2)
  • christmas was pretty tame around here. but still quite fun:
  • gramma & grampa were able to come back and we had a lot of time lazing around.  it was quite wet & mildly floody.  not at all like the unfortunate events in columbia, sc a while back.  our power even went out for about a half hour and i convinced the g’s to play LeftRightCenter for m&m’s.  it was a fun xmas eve.
  • this year was the most excited jovie was for wanting to run downstairs on xmas morning! i had to make her wait on the steps for dad to get everything ready.  gramma & grampa woke up and waited upstairs, too.  it reminded me very much of when i was a kid.  that was a lot like our tradition, too.  when she finally got down there, she was pleased!


    santa heard her!

  • her biggest surprise gift was the canopy we got her that she never outright asked for; and hadn’t mentioned since her birthday!  she loves it!IMG_0470
  • since then, we also enjoyed Potter Christmas and spent the night in columbia.  we went to the outdated State Museum which was fun but in need of more current things!
  • from then we have spent mostly indoors with all the rain.  we did have a beautiful afternoon where we met friends at a park.  then more rain and storms.
  • oh and then there was a LOT of football watching.  and happy dancing!   GO TIGERS!!!!

we hope 2016 will be just as terrific as 2015 was.

okay, so

November 15, 2015

well, yes.  we are still here.  we have not been sitting in a corner twiddling our thumbs.

i blame my lack of creativity as well as using my Surface but having my pictures uploaded on the Dell.

some things as of late:

  • we enjoyed our annual trip to the orchard.  it was great to see gramma & grampa again.
  • halloween was fun.  for the school Book Character Parade, she was Felicity-  an American Girl.  thanks to her teacher from last year for having the costume for her own girls when they were jovie’s age.  for trick-or-treating, she was a fairy.  she decided this while we were on our vacation.  gramma showed me one of jovie’s sketches for her costume.
  • she has been doing well & enjoying school.  she is working hard.  she reads almost any chance she can get.
  • we got to participate in a family volunteer day at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  this summer, jovie decided she wanted to give her stuffed animals to kids with cancer.  she said that even though it would be hard to see them, it would make her happy tosee their faces when that happened.  that is not allowed due to health concerns.  so we were glad to hear about this opportunity.  while there, we heard of their volunteer program for school kids jovie will participate in early next year.
  • she has been having fun in Girl Scouts.  a full-on brownie now.  friday night was Daddy-Daughter game night.  it was fun.  she will go to a drop-off day camp this coming sunday.
  • of course we are thrilled with the holiday season upon us.  it will be so much fun to keep our traditions at the grandparents’ house!

so here- we’re alive and well.  i’ve got the photos to prove it.

volunteer day

volunteer day

her finished notebook

her finished notebook

GS game night

GS game night

<insert “how tall this fall” picture- which is on the Dell.  not the surface.  grrrrrr>

lithen to thith!

October 7, 2015

what a thpethial thurprise!

luckily jovie waited 2 weekth (though none of uth knowth how th-e did!) until we got home….  the nexth day.


th-e wuth very exthited to be able to whithle finally!

and yethterday we had a conferenth with Mrs. Robbins (th-e’s doing great!) where we were inthructed to go to muthic class to thee jovie.  she was exthremely ecthited to show off!


i athk you—- what happened to THITH?

no teeth yet

just a quick tease

September 30, 2015

i mean.

The Opera, Sydney

The Opera, Sydney

i can’t even.

Somewhere near the Great Barrier Reef

Somewhere near the Great Barrier Reef

it’s kind of a big deal.

view from lunch, Queenstown, New Zealand

view from lunch,
Queenstown, New Zealand


near Moke Lake, Queenstown, New Zealand

near Moke Lake,
Queenstown, New Zealand

and all the other fun slogans of the day.

lucky lucky girl

September 6, 2015

i don’t know who’s luckier- jovie or me?

The Mr. has taken 11 trips down under since february.  this year will be the 3rd anniversary in a row that he will be spending in Sydney. difference is, this year I get to be WITH him!!  (lucky 13, indeed!)

i have been talking and hoping for this to happen for months; and was getting more and more hopeful.  when i finally told jovie that it looked like it was going to happen and that i’d be gone for almost 2 weeks, she asked who was going to stay with her.  then when i answered gramma & grampa, she squealed in delight and declared how lucky SHE was!

we are also very lucky that aunt barbara will help (we are so glad she lives in GA now!) when i told her she was going there and going to have a lot of fun, her first words were “yay! i really hope i get to see her library!!”   (so barb, if you’re reading this….)

i am super lucky that with all of his travel this year, The Mr. was able to cash in his miles and fly me first class!!

extremely lucky that i have a very good use for the money mommy (and daddy) was able to leave me/us.  i have always wanted to honor her somehow; and she was thrilled with her trips to Brazil & Rome/Jerusalem.  she also knew how much i LOVE to travel.

i could not feel more lucky to have the chance to travel with The Mr. yet again, and couldn’t be any more thankful to gramma, grampa, & aunt barbara for making this happen.

i cannot wait to experience this whirlwind of travel!

jovie will definitely miss us.  but fortunately she is not worried about that (just yet). she is completely excited to see everyone and asks me constantly when they are coming!  (not when i’m leaving….)

she has already informed me that grampa can only get donuts twice.  once they can go there; and once he can bring them home.  oh and only go to partner’s pizza twice, too!   (so grampa, if you are reading this….)

she is excited to go to the library with both gramma & grampa and aunt barbara.

she’s looking forward to showing gramma & grampa her new “piano” so she can practice.

she’ll have a lot of fun! (but it’s not a vacation, you guys!!!) and i’m pretty sure i/we will too!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!


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