second grade, part 2

August 24, 2015

school has started off well, and jovie has liked it so far.  however, it seems like we’ve had an explosion of kids, which led to us adding another 2nd grade teacher.

Jovie was excited to have yet another “first day” of school with a different teacher.

other than that, we are getting in the swing of things.  coping with more homework (and even MORE with this new teacher!), and new routines.  she goes to enrichment class one day a week as well, so we have a lot to adjust to.  add to the fact Dad was Down Under the past 2 weeks.  she’s doing well.

We have taken a mini-break from extra curricular activities and that is the smartest thing!  We start full-fledged in September.

and all last week there was a massive count-down to when we’d see not only daddy but also gramma & grampa! both came on Friday.  we had a nice weekend with them and look forward to their return!

do you have a second?

August 6, 2015




wish us luck! we’re all new at this one.

the party (etc)

July 27, 2015

one would think that since jovie finally started day camps I woulda updated this thing.

one would think.

we did have a good birthday.  The Mr. remarked that this was probably the most “exciting” birthday she has had in terms of truly enjoying and emoting about her gifts and the day in general.

we were lucky enough to find yet another performance on her birthday.  we went back to the Center for Puppetry Arts (of which we are now members) to see Click Clack Moo. she definitely enjoyed it, but WE enjoyed it immensely too.  seriously, if you are reading this near the ATL area- you should go! anyone who visits should go too.  The Mr. and i even think you wouldn’t need a child to enjoy it.  (but that was fun!)  afterwards, we broke tradition of going Mexican and went to a “fancy” restaurant that had a pasta bar.  she felt so grown up!

watched a movie, went swimming & then had appetizers for dinner (maybe a new tradition?).

she was so excited about what we gave her…. the tent really made her day.  and so for 3 days straight we did little parenting!

then of course was the rainbow  party. it was a fairly small affair.  though it was exciting that her 1st grade teacher stopped by!  her friends were very thoughtful and generous in their gifts and she really has enjoyed all of them!  gramma & grampa gave her her ‘most favoritest books ever”.  [in the Whatever After series]

it all was a whirlwind and we were so glad to see her enjoy so much of it.

just a few photos because y’all don’t know what a SEVEN (????) year old looks like:

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a homemade strawberry cake that will make the rounds again!

a homemade strawberry cake that will make the rounds again!

in other news, she has been in camps (finally!) and has enjoyed them a lot.  she took a swim/art camp with her friends.  last week she was in a full-on art camp and she produced some really fun work!  our mantle is now littered with all of her art.  (for now).

picasso.  how fun is that?

a la picasso. how fun is that?

and this week she’s in dance camp.  then guess what?  SCHOOL.  NEXT. WEEK.

second grade????   therein ceases all of my expertise!

last but not least, she is looking forward to a “surprise trip” after camp on friday.  we will haul out at noon and jet off to charleston to see Becky & Ansley (and jimmy! (: ).  we were supposed to do this the first weekend school got out, but unfortunately i got inexplicably sick and jovie handled that disappointment like a champ!!!

she doesn’t know where we’re going, but she is so hoping it’s to see Ansley.  in fact in June she asked where we were supposed to go.  she handled a lot of disappointment that week so i didn’t want to tell her.  her words “well, if we were going to see Ansley, don’t tell me because then i would be REALLY sad”

hopefully i can post about all the fun of friendship when we return.  she’ll be in school y’all!!!  again- SECOND grade.


happy birthday!!!!!!

July 9, 2015

Be strong, baby girl.

We love you so much!

Happy Father’s Day

June 21, 2015

Some words for The Mr:

We thank you for all that you do to take care of us.  You do it so well, and Jovie is very lucky to have you for a Dad.  I was smart enough to choose you for a husband and father.

You take such good care of us. We love that you work hard to take care of our house & family.  From the yucky stuff (cat puke & bugs) to the big stuff (yard & pool).  From the happy stuff (your humor & our family times) to the not so happy stuff (tantrums & arguments).

I love that you do what you can to make us happy.  Even if it means that you go along with a lot of my ideas even though you’d probably rather not (parties & the 50).  Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, though we may not always say it.  You give up a lot of your time (being away & chores) to make sure we are happy, and I am very proud of all of your successes.  I am proud to call you ours!

We love you much and miss you when you are gone.  But we look forward to your return each and every time.


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sadly, the only breakfast joint in Galveston

sadly, the only breakfast joint in Galveston

the standard yearly pose

the standard yearly pose


Munich Olympic Stadium (to watch USA/Germ world cup game last summer)

Munich Olympic Stadium (to watch USA/Germ world cup game last summer)

author: Jovie

June 4, 2015

Today while I was cleaning up, Jovie invented a joke.  Here for your laughing pleasure:

A man and an ostrich walk into a restaurant (not a bar).  They order their food, and while they were eating, the ostrich falls asleep.  As the man gets up to leave, the waiter stops him and says, “You can’t leave that lying there!” The man says, “That’s not a lion! That’s an ostrich!”

cracked ME up.  (& Jovie)

still here!

April 27, 2015

Wow. Just wow.

The last thing I posted was about Yiminy???   So sorry.

This won’t be much better, but we are here.

We have done a lot since Yiminy (and he came home that day and has been fine ever since!)….   I owe a lot of posting.  I won’t bore you with all that’s been going on, but here’s some tidbits:

  • Dolly & Me party with Clarabelle.  It was all fancified and a good time.
  • We went to Chattanooga again to take advantage of our Ruby Falls tickets.
  • We had our school fun run, where Jovie ran her first mile (in under 14 mins) and The Mr. did a fantastic job, despite being a little out of practice.  2nd for age group; 9th overall!  They both got medals.  So proud.
  • then The Mr. left for Brazil and that night I got strep throat.  Sweet Jovie did her best to take care of me/herself and be understanding.
  • Then it was Easter & we (of course) enjoyed Gramma & Grampa.
  • We left the day after Easter for our Spring Break trip to Texas.
  • Came home & Aunt Barbara came for the day to watch Jovie so The Mr. & I could see Blue Man group @ the Fox.
  • A relaxing weekend was had, complete with a rainy Pajama Day.
  • Then (I helped put on) we enjoyed our first Spring Fling for school.

All caught up.  I’ll post pictures of some of these events (hopefully) this week.   It’s been a little tougher blogging because I now use my smart phone & my Surface for most of my internetting.  My pics are still on my computer.  It’s hard to remember to juggle back and forth.

Jovie’s doing great!  I can’t believe there’s only 19 days left of 1st grade!  I will talk to you again before then……


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