March 6, 2017

just because i can’t not share….


hey y’all- my first pizza!






we came to arizona & finally saw snow!



some animal on the way to the canyon


see that boulder there, at Mather’s Point? the postcard I bought way back when shows it all nice and neat. erosion or something is making it break off!



we got to see a pack of mules come by us


what a GRAND canyon!  they are so tiny!


i never got tired of this view!


a windmill farm!


at Sunset Crater


the Painted Desert


some pueblo ruins

oh dam!

February 28, 2017

oh dam there was no dam this trip.  but a lovely vacation was still had in the beautiful state of Arizona!

The Mr. & i went to AZ at the turn of the century/millennium.  so we were excited to yet again show jovie some of the things we did 17 years ago.  when i saw that for the first time since starting real school that we had a full winter break, i figured that’d be a great time to go to arizona.

things we were excited to do:   grand canyon, sedona, montezuma’s well & hoover dam.  (i was excited to do the glass walkway at the grand canyon).  as well as having jovie & sophia & sadie all play together!

what did occur was great! i have pictures to prove it!  but, alas:

sedona didn’t entirely happen because there was a ridiculous amount of people there.  were you there?  surely you must have been.  it was like disney all over again.  but this time with no parking!  i felt bad for The Mr. who said “at least 2 of us should enjoy it” so he dropped us off and drove around for 20 minutes so jovie and i could at least have some pictures.

the glass walkway didn’t happen because my research was horrible and it was like 4 hours away from us, apparently.

the dam didn’t happen because jovie inexplicably got sick on tuesday.  luckily we were able to just move the nevada hotel to flagstaff the next day & just push the grand canyon back a day.  also luckily i got to give my little girl lots of cuddles.  that night i was caught in a love sandwich as we all slept in a king together!  super luckily she was all better the next day and so grand canyon was, in fact, grand!

but! BUT!! the cousins were great.  the scenery astounding.  (some of) the food was good. and some bonus excursions in flagstaff were awesome.  it was a really fabulous vacation & as far as scenery goes, (for me, at least) arizona ranks #1 in our states thusfar.  [michigan comes in a very squeaky close second!]

we spent a rainy weekend in Phoenix visiting the fam. the girls all had a good time playing in the rain, while the adults chatted it up a little bit.  luckily it cleared up enough that after our trip to the Science Center  on sunday we were able to meet up with them and play at a park.  jovie did not enjoy saying good-bye after dinner.  it seemed like they all had a good time!


monday was spent making our way to our hotel at the grand canyon, with stops at montezuma’s well, and sedona.  these 2 places were awesome when we went way back when. this time around, we saw that we could walk down and around a little in these cliff dwellings from about 1,000 years ago.

tuesday we did this:


and wednesday was finally spent at the canyon!  the drive was close; and we even saw some unidentified animals grazing after we entered.  we parked our car and walked a bit.  when we finally got to this-


jovie was aptly impressed.

lots of gawking.  a little bit of a hike down. tons of exclaiming. hopefully some memory-ing.  many many photo-ing. some learning. some eating.  and 6 hrs later….


i could fill a page with all the awesome pix i did take.  jovie took many as well. (but i won’t…….   yet!)    it was…. well- GRAND.

so we went to flagstaff afterwards and had a great evening/morning before we spent the day exploring just 2 parks that are connected by a 20mile drive on the border of the Painted Desert.  Sunset Crater was amazing.  lava fields!  Who Knew???  and the drive to Wupatki was equally so.  we spent the whole day doing this.

we all really enjoyed the pueblos that were built 1,000 years ago.  one of which we could even venture in!  it was a very cold and super windy day but one of our favorites!

(look! jovie’s as tall as the lava.)

the drive from flagstaff to phoenix was absolutely awesome.  i can’t shuttup about the fact that ALL. you see are mountains.  for 2 hours.  that’s it.  distant mountains.  close mountains.  mountains.  everywhere.  it was lovely!






February 15, 2017

Valentine’s Day has come and gone….  So, apparently has January!

right now, we are looking very forward to our Winter Break.  we will visit Aunt Stacey, Uncle Dave, Sophia & Sadie.  we will also venture around the beautiful state of Arizona with a jaunt in Nevada for the Hoover Dam!    it will be a lot of driving.  a lot of scenery.  a lot of reading.  a lot of kindle-ing.  a lot of eating.  a lot of hiking.  a lot of photo-ing. a lot of ooo-ing and aaah-ing.  (probably just from me; it seems jovie’s a lot like The Mr.)

[tho i will hope she exclaims over the Grand Canyon like i did- especially because she was FLOORED with the sand dunes.  this is essentially opposite that]

that’s the future.  the past has included spending a lot of time playing with our new-ish next door neighbor Salma.  she’s a sweet 1st grader that has only lived in this country for about a year.  i am getting to know the mom, and it’s great getting to hear about Egypt!

jovie’s modern dance class got canceled; there was only one other girl there.  so now it’s just ballet.  she has done art club with school a couple times a month.  she also enjoyed re-reading Charlotte’s Web & going to book club with our (awesome) public library.  during the school day once a month she does origami club.

we had a really fun day honoring the National Champs of football!  we had a whirlwind weekend where we left immediately after school on a friday; stayed in a hotel about 15mins away.  jaunted into town super early and watched Clemson’s parade before going into Death Valley for a very nice ceremony.  we all enjoyed it; though jovie was 1. scared of heights and 2. a little bored with all of the talking in the stadium.  but she managed thanks to Daddy’s phone.  we loved being there.  then we came home and the next day we honored jovie’s christmas gift & got to see Little Mermaid at the Fox again.

and this past weekend, she went to her first slumber party.  she had a great time, and The Mr. & i realized just how old and fuddyduddy we are.  we did have a nice dinner out.  i was able to have a Radler; which i haven’t gotten to have since Munich.  we were asleep by 9:45. i did not even hear the dad text me to tell me jovie was having fun.  i did, however, hear the phone ring at 12:15 when jovie needed to talk to me.  she did not come home; but i guess she needed some mommy-love.

it’s been a nice 2017 so far.  some snow would be nice.  if nothing else, some winter cold.  we’ve had very few of those days.  i look forward to posting about our trip!

really liked how many fans turned up for the incredible fun!  & jovie was excited for her first real trip to clemson.  “i’ve always wanted to go into the stadium!” she said when i told her what we were doing that weekend. we enjoyed showing her some of the places that are meaningful to us.




all of the holidays

January 6, 2017

i got on here to do a merry christmas, happy new year post & i see that today is the anniversary of when i joined wordpress.  which means today is the day i announced my pregnancy and declared there was a little bean to have a blog.


we’ve come a long way!

so i hope all of your holidays were great; ours was.  it was a little lazy like last year.  so why haven’t i blogged up to this point?? i couldn’t tell ya!  i had plans to upload my pix on NYEve.  while being consumed with football (??)  alas…

were were very lucky to have uncle natey come down this year again with gramma & grampa.  it was a short visit, but we all had a good time.  there may have been a bit of complaining on my part because we were able to play CORN HOLE it was so warm!


isn’t that a lovely birthday gift i got from The Mr.???

a fabulous christmas was had by all.  The Mr. got a braves running shirt, I got a fancy mailbox & jovie got the spanish dictionary she asked santa for.  several other wonderful gifts were given & gotten.  after all was said and done, jovie has 32 new books & 4 magazines!

then we enjoyed potter christmas & a night in the “omelette hotel”.  she had also requested to visit Meemaw & Poppa at the cemetery for the first time. after all that, it was lazy time at home.  a little bit of rain. a few hikes were had.  and we have enjoyed The Mr. for the past month.  it has all been nice.

and today, i picked jovie up from school 2 hours early because -the northerners will love this- school closed IN CASE of snow.    their concern is the high schoolers driving.  and also, Snowmageddon!

bring on another fun weekend of family time.  games, movies & her kindle fire she got from santa will be enjoyed!

have a stellar 2017!


this may be when Santa said if she cleans her room she gets an extra gift…. if she doesn’t…. he’ll take one away!


this is what your face looks like when you open a box of about a dozen books on one of your favorite characters.  (trixie beldon, if you’re wondering)


December 17, 2016

i hope this won’t be the only “snow” we see;  but if so, at least it’s pretty!

jovie enjoyed being part of the snow corps in their production of Grinch last weekend.

all the christmas prep is underway.  the countdown is on.  no more school.  it’ll be GREAT.

hoping lots of joy your way……


goodbye November!

December 1, 2016

it was a pretty nice month.  we got to enjoy some slightly cooler days.  i thought autumn would NEVER come.  here, we went on a gorgeous leaf-lined drive for about an hour and enjoyed Sprewell Bluff.  had a picnic & did some exploring:

img_3165          img_3170

we also hiked up stone mountain.  jovie didn’t even need a piggyback from The Mr.  she did GREAT.  and it is STEEP!!

img_3209        img_3211

then jovie enjoyed going to school on a monday and then not again until the monday after thanksgiving!  after 3 days of being home, went to doctor.  turns out—- she had strep throat!  one dose of antibiotics and the fever, headaches & dizzy went away!  so we had a loooonnng vacation and enjoyed it! (once she felt all better)… perfectly great & ready for thanksgiving!  it was a fantastic holiday (tho, as you can see, very serious stuff indeed….)

img_3222              img_3244

we had fun meeting our Greenville friends at that same sliding hill park.  unfortunately, jovie’s penpal may have moved because we haven’t heard from her.  jovie & kemp (and the rest of her family) enjoyed each other!  it’s been YEARS.


img_3270        img_3276

then after being home for about 2 weeks, jovie went to school on monday.  we had a nice field trip on tuesday.  then yesterday she stayed home from school.  AGAIN.  we didn’t wait this time.  i took her to the doctor.  AGAIN.  turns out she has strep.  AGAIN. ?????

so today is the best kind of sick day, a “mandatory” sick day and she feels great.  it’s december so we can watch christmas movies.  BONUS.

autumn time

November 4, 2016