goodbye November!

December 1, 2016

it was a pretty nice month.  we got to enjoy some slightly cooler days.  i thought autumn would NEVER come.  here, we went on a gorgeous leaf-lined drive for about an hour and enjoyed Sprewell Bluff.  had a picnic & did some exploring:

img_3165          img_3170

we also hiked up stone mountain.  jovie didn’t even need a piggyback from The Mr.  she did GREAT.  and it is STEEP!!

img_3209        img_3211

then jovie enjoyed going to school on a monday and then not again until the monday after thanksgiving!  after 3 days of being home, went to doctor.  turns out—- she had strep throat!  one dose of antibiotics and the fever, headaches & dizzy went away!  so we had a loooonnng vacation and enjoyed it! (once she felt all better)… perfectly great & ready for thanksgiving!  it was a fantastic holiday (tho, as you can see, very serious stuff indeed….)

img_3222              img_3244

we had fun meeting our Greenville friends at that same sliding hill park.  unfortunately, jovie’s penpal may have moved because we haven’t heard from her.  jovie & kemp (and the rest of her family) enjoyed each other!  it’s been YEARS.


img_3270        img_3276

then after being home for about 2 weeks, jovie went to school on monday.  we had a nice field trip on tuesday.  then yesterday she stayed home from school.  AGAIN.  we didn’t wait this time.  i took her to the doctor.  AGAIN.  turns out she has strep.  AGAIN. ?????

so today is the best kind of sick day, a “mandatory” sick day and she feels great.  it’s december so we can watch christmas movies.  BONUS.

autumn time

November 4, 2016

how may i serve you?

November 1, 2016

for halloween, jovie had the idea to be a servant.  from Samantha’s time (she’s an American girl).  she’s been talking about this for awhile.  she’d wear her long black skirt & white undershirt.  we borrowed the same Felicity apron & head cover from Mrs. Edkins [& now i see that somehow, someway, i did not post anything about halloween last year???]

you see, servants don’t smile.



but you see, it was a success.

happy november, y’all.  it doesn’t FEEL like autumn, but at least it’s looking nice!


as i was saying

October 14, 2016

so as i was saying…. October has started and so far it’s been great!

the evacuation went well! spectacularly, stunningly, amazingly so!  becky & i can’t really figure out the magic of it, but we aren’t complaining.  they got here wednesday just in time for me to pick up jovie from her first day of art club.  they left (regretfully) on sunday.


jovie is notorious for needing time on her own.  she rarely needed that.  i’m thinking the 7hrs being away for school each day helped break things up. because when she would come home, they played and played until homework & dinner time.  then played some more until bath & bedtime!   but even saturday it was difficult tearing jovie away from ansley so she could go to dance rehearsal.  this girl didn’t even want to go to the library (?!?!) because they were playing.  aside from said excursion, they played all. day. long!


and ansley was so helpful to jovie with her regularly-scheduled chores!  in fact, the night before they came, jovie came up with the idea to do an extra chore so she could get paid.  she wants to buy her friend at school a christmas gift.  (this girl is amazing!)  so she decided to start doing dishes!  i’m not complaining!  & ansley wanted in on the action, too!


…………………… i was saying….

the first weekend in october we headed to Turner Field for the last ever Braves game there.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had such a nice time!  we were there for 8 hours and it didn’t really seem so.  this time, though, jovie had some books.  she loved reading, eating & watching!  it was so bittersweet and The Mr. & I talked about it for a few days about how great it was we decided to go.  we played Detroit, Tigers, too- so that was an extra bonus!!

so far, october has been good to us!!

oh, and should another hurricane threaten SC coasts….  we have a great plan!


October 6, 2016

September has come & gone & we made the best of it.

It brought us on some back-to-back-to-back road trips.  To Amicalola Falls/Dahlonega, GA,  to meet Becky & Ansley in Augusta for a girls’ weekend!  And also to the Orchard to see Gramma & Grampa for the first time since Jovie turned 8!

(both  of those visits were long overdue, and immensely enjoyed!)

The waterfall was nice.  We even panned for gold in Dahlonega.  It was a very nice day trip!  Augusta was a whole lot of fun chilling with our friends.  The Orchard, well, it was great picking apples- but we will never go back in September.  Yes, I said that the last time we went in September (when Jovie was a toddler), but now we mean it!

90 degrees & 90,000 people don’t match very well!  However, it was all fun family & friend times.  We are super lucky!



the bottom of the falls


the top of the falls


inside (one of?) the first gold mine in US



we all found 4 flecks of gold! 













now, it’s barely October & we have already been having fun-  we went to the final Braves game @ Turner field, & are in the middle of yet another visit with Becky & Ansley, who evacuated from Charleston with this upcoming Hurricane Matthew!     More on these later…

blast from the past(s)

September 3, 2016

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes 1980


Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes 2001


Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes 2016



Mackinac Island 2001


Mackinac Island 2016


8yo pictures

August 24, 2016

Just before school started, we came in contact with a great photographer (who is a friend of jovie’s 1st grade teacher).  We miss Christina greatly but was glad to be able to finally take some more pictures that didn’t have the standard grey-screen behind it like at school!

Madalynn got some nice photos of Jovie in Mrs. Edkins’ backyard.  It was fun.

I wanted to include some of the pictures on this post- but am not getting it to work properly.  The Mr. comes in quite handy when it comes to technology….  too bad he’s not here.

Here is a link to the gallery, if you are interested.  If I can get single pix posted later, I will!

meanwhile- things are going well in THIRD GRADE so far!!!