July 13, 2021

a lot has been goin on since i last popped on here! not the least of which is we have a bona fide teenager on our hands!

we were so fortunate that gramma & grampa came for a visit at the end of june to wish jovie a happy birthday, and since we haven’t seen them in ages. they must have heard through the grapevine that we had plans to go to Italian Oven for dinner for our first outing to celebrate all of us being vaccinated! That’s a favorite of all of ours, and it was perfect how it worked out.

on the 4th of july The Mr. had a rare time off from running the Peachtree Road Race. I know he missed it; and they really seemed to do a good job trying to support such a mainstay of Atlanta traditions. Hopefully next year will be normal again.

meanwhile, we enjoyed a relaxing day at home until the late afternoon where we headed for our trip to Vermont. The Mr. & i went 10 years ago and loved our time. we were so excited that they opened up tourists… our plans were up in the air a little bit for a while. we wanted to do something to celebrate jovie’s birthday. much like when she turned 11!

we rented a charming house which was the perfect location to lots of hiking and scenic drives. the house was incredible. the host even had some birthday gifts for jovie!!

we had such a great week. i have many lovely pictures…. all of which are currently stuck on my phone. when i can get them uploaded to my feisty computer, i’ll share!

we got in super late July 4th, and jovie and i got to see some fireworks from the plane. we did lots of hikes, had beautiful drives, many picnics, a few waterfalls, a swimming hole (a cliff to jump off for The Mr.), quite a few bookstores & 2 libraries.

we came home saturday evening and spent sunday doing laundry so jovie could go to her first away-camp experience. covid made a “week long camp” into basically a “2 1/2 day camp” but i’m sure she’s enjoying herself.

we are enjoying ourselves by watching handmaid’s tale and hopefully a dinner date.

IOU some great pictures. of a 13 year old!!! wow. i’ve always said she was born a teenager…….. but now here we are.

almost the end

May 20, 2021

so i guess it’s safe to assume not much is going on since i haven’t written since march!

we had a nice and relaxing spring break. we even went to the zoo one day. jovie’s done quite a few things with 4H, and her group got 2nd place in both Wildlife & Poultry Judging competitions.

we had no idea what all those things entailed, but she had to learn a lot!

and now, after a lovely mother’s day weekend, and quite a bit of lovely weather, we are nearing the end…..

of 7th grade. of lovely weather (really?? 95 soon before june!) & hopefully of covid? The Mr. & I have been fully vaccinated, and Jovie goes tomorrow for her first dose! HOORAY for being 12!

virtual school definitely had its perks!! as well as its challenges!

this year will probably be pretty memorable in her school-life. but she’s (mostly) looking forward to joining the world again for 8th grade. we were pretty much edging that way anyway….and now with the kids’ vaccine available, we can’t see what could happen that would change to make her virtual again.

[tho’, did anyone see March 13, 2020 coming??]

like most everyone, we are looking forward to being cautious, but mostly back to normal. summer plans are in the works, and we seem to be breathing a little easier.

be well, and stay safe!


March 23, 2021

as you can imagine, there’s not a whole lot to tell. we mostly keep to ourselves these days (for the past year)… although we do let jovie go to 4H …classes? meetings? activities…. whatever they are called. it is socially distanced and masked up. outside when appropriate. & with i think like 4 or 5 kids.

she’s been doing things with them for a couple years now. sadly, our town doesn’t have a lot of participation, so it’s half-expected some fun nights get canceled.

she is currently doing some activities that have been scheduled weekly. so now our life feels a little more normal and when you look at our menu board and see “easy night” 2x a week- that sounds much more like pre-pandemic!

this past weekend, jovie got to do a virtual summit through them that was about ocean conservation and endangered species. she thought it was fun/interesting. it’s a shame, because I think this weekend would have been offered as an overnight in savannah had things been in normal-times.

we are looking forward to being able to probably visit with gramma & grampa for a bit on Easter. luckily they will have had their full dose by then, and barring any side effects, we will settle in for some mac n cheese! [this is grampa’s favorite!]

spring break is right after that. this is the first year (other than last year’s panic chaos) we are purposefully not planning anything. The Mr. & i kept going back and forth. some of our favorite houses are already booked up. and with it being the day after easter, we figured we’d wanna stick around and enjoy just some time off of school. i think we have a couple hikes planned, and jovie would like to go to the zoo again. that’d be nice. we haven’t been as a family since she started kindergarten!!! we used to go a ton when we had more time during the week.

all 3 of us are doing pick’ems for march madness. this past weekend was fun. winner gets to choose dessert.

and i’m looking forward to braves opening day. i already have hotdogs on the menu!

spring has sprung and it’s been lovely and enjoyable (so far).

hope yours is too. mask up. stay home. let’s get back to normal!

cozy break

March 4, 2021

even though it seems quite unfathomable now, what with the windows open, the sun shining and a picture-perfect 70* day- not too long ago we spent a very cold and cozy break in a house we rented on Lake Hartwell.

the impetus for this vacation house was so we could deliver some of that Thanksmastine’s turkey to gramma & grampa. we were there 2 weeks ago and the weather changed dramatically after we left. but it was awesome anyways. it was quite chilly but still lovely to look out at the lake. the house was charming, and it was near enough that we could spend all day with gramma & grampa. we fed them lunch and dinner, and it was all laid back, informal, and cozy! the day before they came was rainy and chilly…. the perfect day for a PJ’s & movies day. complete with hot cocoa!

since the rain stopped for their visit, we all decided to take a little excursion to Hartwell Dam and walk around in the winter day. it was nice to get out and about and walk around a place none of us had been to. incidentally, 2 years ago when we adopted the school calendar, i already had going to a dam all mapped out for this week-long break. it’s the wrong dam, but i guess it’s what we get in the middle of a worldwide pandemic!


we enjoyed our time, and feel so fortunate we got to do this and travel safely! luckily they will be getting their vaccinations soon and we’re already making plans to visit for easter. which will be so welcomed after last year’s covid-cancellation.

Thanksmastine’s Day

February 11, 2021

i’ve been ordering my meat from ButcherBox for years. we’ve been very happy with the ability to have organic and sustainable meats delivered to our door. it is anxiety-saving, especially in the early days of the pandemic!

long ago- before we knew what would ultimately end up happening for celebrating Thanksgiving with gramma & grampa, i ordered a big ol’ turkey. i did not intend for it to be quite so large, but what they sent was 17 whole pounds of turkey! woah.

then, i saw that since it seemed like we just wanted a quick afternoon visit, i saw that i could order just a breast… so that’s when we had turkey sandwiches on thanksgiving. …. with that big ol’ turkey still in the freezer.

then i saw i could order a ham, so we had ham sandwiches on christmas for another quick afternoon visit….. with that big ol’ turkey still in the freezer.

now it’s valentine’s day and that turkey needs to get eaten, and our freezer needs to get emptied. so just us 3 are going to enjoy a Thanksmastine’s turkey dinner. but luckily, we planned it so we can give some of the many many leftovers it will provide to gramma & grampa, too. jovie’s out of school next week and we will be able to have a nice visit with them for an afternoon. plus i can give them some homemade food. win-win!

we are looking forward to a break from school for a bit. sleeping late and watching movies, along with playing video games…. can’t wait!

stay safe out IN there.

nice time of year

December 24, 2020

even though we are facing so many challenges in the country/world, it is a nice time of year so far. we are enjoying a start to a lazy christmas “break”. tho’ with The Mr. working from home, and jovie doing school virtually, it seems less like a break and just more of the same. (jovie would beg to differ, though, because NO SCHOOL WORK). i definitely feel so very fortunate and try to keep that in the forefront of my mind!

we had an awesome start on monday by going to observe the “christmas star”- the conjunction of saturn & jupiter. we actually went to jovie’s (old) elementary school to view it. and when we came home, it was right over our neighbor’s house. so i have a photo of our cul-de-sac.

we have been enjoying playing video games & reading. we’ve gone to look at xmas lights and even got to enjoy the CFA peppermint milkshake. today (christmas eve) is a rainy day; bringing cold weather just in time tomorrow.

we are excited that gramma & grampa are going to come spend the afternoon with us tomorrow. we know we will do like at thanksgiving, and wear masks and be distant. but we are looking forward to seeing them again for a little while.

have a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy the hindsight that will soon be 2020.

much luck and good wishes in 2021!

giving thanks

November 30, 2020

in this horrible year of years, i try very hard to be grateful; and to remind The Mr. & jovie of the little nice things we can still be thankful for. and the current thing we are all thankful for (besides our obvious decent health) is that we were able to spend some time with Gramma & Grampa.

yes, our Thanksgiving definitely looked a little different this year, but it was a fantastic day, nonetheless.

because the CDC recommended smaller get-togethers, even though it’s always just the 5 of us, we wanted to at least limit the amount of time we usually spend for the holiday. initially i was a little bummed about not having some of our traditions upheld. but we made it work, and parts of it worked out even better. The Mr. especially liked the less work and cleanup feature of it.

so instead of spending a few days together, we were so thankful gramma & grampa made the drive to come down for lunch and then leave before night. we hated all that driving for grampa, but i think he was well-rested (and definitely well-fed).

so instead of the traditional turkey spread, i just made a turkey breast (in the slow cooker, even! saved up the oven) and we sliced it with our electric knife….it sounded like Potter Thanksgiving for sure! and we had sandwiches. i did make sweet potato souffle & cranberry sauce, but that was mostly to make it “holiday-esque” and we all enjoyed sandwiches and chips in front of the TV with all the windows open. watching those poor lions lose their football game on Thanksgiving…… i guess some traditions are still upheld.

it was so great to visit. it was relaxing for sure. and of course, there were pies! that’s always pretty welcomed.

after they had to leave, we just continued doing a lot of what we normally do. video games, reading, football. and then, even though i staunchly refuse to acknowledge christmas until december first, it was my suggestion to watch an xmas movie that night! we watched Klaus. so adorable! popcorn (and coke!) for dinner. it was pretty fabulous!

we are not sure what christmas will bring… we are hopeful we’ll get to spend at least part of it together! even though, no doubt, it will look different. until then, i will remain grateful for anything i can be.

everyone mask up, stay home, and be safe.

so overdue!

October 26, 2020

I know grampa is wanting to see the blog updated on his new ipad. Sorry grampa!

october is (the best!) almost over. unbelievably.

it has been a good month, as far as pandemic months go.

the highlight was when we ventured back to that same lovely mountain house to break up the days. it was lovely. the colors were beginning to show; and even in the few days we were there we saw more come through by the end!

it was especially lovely that gramma & grampa came up for a day to enjoy it as well! we celebrated by having Easter Dinner. but with apple pie for dessert. because- autumn!

we had pretty awesome weather. not as cool or chilly, but not too hot either. some rainy lazy days. watching the braves (woot woot!) and saturday football with fog surrounding us.

we left the house one day after the rain and drove around. it was really very nice. and when we left to go back home, i realized that i didn’t wear shoes once. a slipper vacation!! perfect.

it was so great to visit with gramma & grampa. even with all the extra precautions we took. we have missed them. jovie was talkative (!!) while i was in the kitchen making dinner. so glad to know she can enjoy them.

the rest of october has been pretty nice.

—we went hiking one day and enjoyed the scenery at a place we’ve been quite a few times before.

—my birthday weekend was pretty spectacular. the weather cooperated and that is 90% what i need for a decent birthday.

— jovie has had a few masked/socially distanced 4H activities, so it’s been nice having her go out and about a little bit.

it’s kind of weird how 7months later and i’m STILL not sure how time is marching on so quickly. october is quickly leaving us.

since last year jovie stopped trick-or-treating, it makes this year much easier to not worry about. we will have our own fun. apparently the movie Hocus Pocus is all the rage; so we plan to have a movie night with marshmallow popcorn, candy corn, & another fun little dessert.

i will leave you with some nice pix….

hiking @ sprewell bluff
the mountain house with some color
Easter Dinner…. 6months later
foggy,rainy Saturday… perfect for football

A first!

September 6, 2020

we interrupt this blog about jovie to document that i had my first true pizza! not that anyone is keeping track, but i already said i had my first pizza way back when in Arizona!

that was delicious, for sure! but it was probably more like a bacon cheddar bread than anything else. however, since it had been ordered as a pizza, i maintained that i had a pizza.

The Mr. doesn’t buy it. after 25 years of togetherness, he still brings up more often than would be expected the fact that i don’t eat pizza.

so early on in this pandemic, as i was trying my hand at pizza doughs, i was going to make a delicious pizza with garlic white sauce that i could eat. that didn’t pan out because, according to The Mr., a pizza is tomatoey and probably pepperoni-y and sausagey.

yesterday i was feeling inspired and i made TWO pizzas. so he could have his boring one. and i can try this delicious one

i am SO very glad i found the food blog Baked by Rachel. she also isn’t a fan of tomatoey! so when i saw this- i knew i wanted it.

and NOW i know i LOVE IT! guess who else loves it??? The Mr. he literally ate his words and was very happy with this actual, real live, true pizza that is not tomatoey.

i guess it is now making its rotation on pizza saturdays!

added spinach instead of onions from her recipe


August 31, 2020

we had a wonderful surprise yesterday!  it has been 6 months to the day since we last saw gramma and grampa.  we have missed them for sure!  and they took the opportunity to go on one of their many drives they take and come down here for a minute.

so glad they surprised us because i’m pretty sure The Mr. would have talked them out of it.  jovie loved being able to see them and visit; and we loved having a reason for her to be out of her room.  (haha).

so frustrating that they drove about 6 hours for a 2 hour driveway visit!  but very enjoyable!  so, thank you gramma & grampa!  it was a wonderful way to spend our sunday afternoon!

(i have pictures to share.  but they are over there …)