mini trip

February 28, 2019

this year, our Winter Break was an extra long weekend instead of a week off.  we had tried to get back in the same Savannah house but it was already booked.

we then decided to down to St. Simon’s Island instead.

and we loved it.

we had just a couple days there, but we made the most of them!

day 1– we rolled into town and it was too early to check in our condo.  so we went to the lighthouse, with the intention of climbing/touring it.  but jovie’s not a big fan of heights and decided she wasn’t that interested.  so we just meandered along the boardwalk, shops & pier [& ice cream of course] and then headed to the condo.

which was adorable.  the owners updated it so nicely.  they had gorgeous travel photos that added a lot of character!

we were pretty chill from the drive so we stuck around while The Mr. brought home some easy dinner.  jovie loved that, and set the sweet table so nicely!  we had a lovely pre-dinner walk on the beach, too.

our owners spared no pillows!  so the beds were comfy & cozy.  jovie enjoyed making herself a little nook.  it was a good day.

day 2– we had a lazy breakfast (after The Mr. had a not so lazy run) and enjoyed the porch some more.  then we headed down to the cloudy beach for a little while.  jovie enjoyed playing in the sand and just relaxing.  the cloudiness helped it not be too hot and i’ve never seen a tide so low (or shoreline so low??) so there was a lot of space for jovie to roam.


not even in the water!

so our butler The Mr. went again and grabbed some lunch while we stayed a bit longer.  then we chilled back at the house a bit before deciding to rent bikes (!!) in the late afternoon.

that was a lot of fun!  we had the bikes for a coupla hours.  St. Simon’s is very bikeable.  and it’s so small! we ended up going around the airport and i loved that so much because we got to see a plane land SO CLOSE to us.  and then one took off, too!  for such a tiny airport, i was surprised we got to see both happen.  YAY!  jovie was pretty tired.  (how do you do it grampa??) so The Mr. enjoyed exploring with his bike some more while we went back to the house to read and wander.

he came back in time for us to go out to dinner and have another early night.  but not before the fog rolled in.  (because of course!)  tho’ it was pretty neat to see it roll in from the porch swing!

[many of my 2 readers know about The Mr. & fog!  see: California, my 40th, the 24 rainy hours in Salzburg, and quite a few other instances]

day 3– we left jovie home alone after breakfast so we could walk the beach for about 1/2 hour.  we enjoyed more lazy morning time.  the weather forecast kept touting rain, but we pretty much lucked out.  it was nice & sunny so we went to the pier to have lunch…  basically during the entire 30 minutes it did decide to rain afterall.  no worries, there was a nearby pavilion that covered us so we could eat our hot dogs in peace.  after a little lunch, we headed to the movie theatre to see Lego 2.  (some catchy songs!) and then we went to Fort Frederica before having our last dinner out and headed back to the house after having ice cream for dessert.  it was a lovely night!  (i picked out a pizza place that reminded me of my fave restaurant in NYC with lights and stuff all around!)

day 4 had us packing up the house after enjoying a nice breakfast out and heading home.

luckily, we got back in time for jovie to go to her 4H cooking club.  and luckier still we had wednesday off to chill at home.  it was rainy, so we pretty much just huddled in the house.

it was a nice short vacation.

now we’re gearing up for The Mr. to head to china (!) and then it’ll be Spring Break before we know it!





gettin’ bigger

February 5, 2019

funny how time works.  and kids get bigger.  every time i complain, jovie likes to remind me that I, too, got bigger.  i always reply that MY parents sure didn’t care!

when she stands in front of me I CAN KISS HER FOREHEAD.

and i have pictures that pop up on my screensaver all the time.  so many times i will see a recent picture (in the last 2 years or so) and think how LITTLE she looked then- even though THEN i thought she was so Big!!!!

she is surely 5 feet by now.  her last official height-check she was an inch away.  and a lot of her winter pants seem to be capris now.

i have requested many times before, but i’m serious.



july, y’all!  i’m a little bit squatting down, but even there you can see her forehead is not up to me.


feb ’18



feb ’17


jan ’16


feb ’15

Happy New Champ!

January 14, 2019

OK- so i SHOULD be uploading xmas pictures to show you.  but i have clemson-brain right now.

for my birthday in october, jovie made me a “squishie”.  i didn’t need to use it at first, but i think a few games later, i used it when i needed to for just a bit before we began dominating teams.  like when BC came ahead of us, and Duke got the first 2 scores.

so here’s a little progression of Jan 7th:




to look at my squishie, you’d think it was a closer game.  but alas, like you & the rest of the country, i just

1. couldn’t contain the fear that Bama would just be Bama and come back; and

2. couldn’t contain my excitement!

so then The Mr. & I got to spend a chilly morning doing this:

a ton of people showed up AGAIN even though it was quite chilly & overcast.  The speeches were great.  The recaps of the year were astounding.

and then, The Mr. & i got to go to a basketball game.  sadly we lost to the undefeated #4 ranked UVA, but it was a lot of fun to be a part of and be able to cheer for our team.  i say it every year, and THIS TIME I’M GOING TO A FOOTBALL GAME ALREADY!  (it’s been entirely too long; it just never quite has worked out!)


it was a fun weekend.  jovie enjoyed being spoiled spending time with gramma & grampa.  and though they kept threatening, we didn’t have any issues with weather.

(thanks again, guys!! we’ll do it again NEXT YEAR!)


January 10, 2019

the end of the year was fantastic!

we definitely enjoyed a lovely, lego-y christmas with gramma & grampa.

we had a nice lazy break.  a lot of rain for sure, but not like last year where it was freezing.  some days were downright warm.  it was quite relaxing, though.  lots of time to play games, read, sleep late & lego galore.  watching the bowl games were quite nice, too!

the beginning of the year was also fantastic!

jovie stayed up to bring in the new year.  with me.  just the 2 of us, as The Mr. went to sleep.  we watched sound of music & played mastermind, and she anxiously stared at the clock.  at midnight, i popped some sparkling cider for us & even though i told her just the 2 of us wouldn’t be thrilling, at the stroke of midnight she seemed to see i was right.

we had yet another lazy & warm week.  The Mr. continued to work a bit; but still had some time to play video games and hang out.

then it became even more fantastic!  clemson is awesome & won its second national championship in three years. (solidly!)  i am super excited to go to the celebration parade AGAIN!  the cold has returned, though, and luckily gramma & grampa will hang out with jovie while The Mr. & i enjoy the festivities!

i probably should say more & show pictures, but alas, for some lazy reason i haven’t uploaded my pictures just yet.  so IOU.


she could sleep through anything

December 12, 2018

even, apparently, the earthquake that hit TN today at 4:13am;  the one that woke me up out of a dreaming and solid sleep!

we joke with her a little about sleeping so soundly;  and now there is proof!




December 4, 2018

oh, how we are so glad that “gammy & gampy” can be so adaptable!  even though they just got back from visiting Uncle Natey, they changed plans semi-last minute & came to us for thanksgiving!

after hosting it last year, The Mr. was looking forward to going back to greenville as we have done for 21 years.  we were going to stave off traffic and head up there a day early.

but the saturday after school let out, jovie got sick.  everything was low-grade. nothing concerning.  but enough to be feeling bad.  we even went to the dr. to get a clear cut answer to her symptoms and to make a decision on going to g’ville.

alas, she did not have strep.  we did not think she had the flu, and opted not to test for it, because there’s nothing we could have done anyway.  but after feeling pretty bad and having zero appetite, The Mr. decided not to chance things.  gramma & grampa then made the trek with their very large turkey & spent a few days here, instead.

it all worked out well.  but we did absolutely nothing since it happened to be so cold.  especially with jovie getting better, we didn’t want her to get worse.

tho she did end up doing a little worse because she missed her first day of school the monday after break.  but she’s been fine ever since.  let’s hope christmas break can be more enjoyable and not just a week or 2 of soup, crackers, and couch!

just like grampa

November 4, 2018

wow.  WOW.  as I sit here writing this, The Mr. is outside with jovie casually riding their bikes!

yesterday was a gorgeous autumnal day, so she got it in her head to “spend 75% of my day outside…. scootering, rollerskating, playing & learning to ride my bike”

we have not had much success in the bike riding department over the last few years.  jovie does not like a challenge.  even her really cool bike with the training wheels sat largely unused.  then of course she grew out of it.  she never wanted another bike; anytime we asked, she just plain wasn’t interested.

so a couple of months ago, The Mr. had a great idea to go to Play It Again & see if they had a cheap bike we wouldn’t mind sitting unused.  we presented it to her and told her it was up to her.  it was there if she ever needed it.  she could try on her own; she could ask for help.  or she could ignore it.   the latter of which she did.  she even balked at sitting on it so The Mr. could adjust her seat way back when.

well; for whatever reason she decided yesterday was the day.  she asked for help some.  she got frustrated lots.  then she went out on her own and began to learn.  and now, she’s doing circles and riding a bike like you wouldn’t think she just learned yesterday!  everyone here is just so proud.  to see how much she loves it is awesome.  she keeps running in to tell us the new thing she mastered.

and the clincher?  she hasn’t fallen yet!

she is loving it and went outside this morning at 8:30 to go ride her bike!

hey grampa- it must be in her blood!