it’s october!

October 2, 2014

Seems i’ve been a bit busier than I anticipated.  Poor ol’ lonely blog.

The Mr. spent 19 days in the great down under and since he came home, we have enjoyed some lovely weather & some relaxing family time.  jovie & i are very glad it is finally autumn.  tho’ it’s not looking like it just yet down here, it has your typical cool morning/warm afternoon feel to it.

which is great because jovie loves loves to pretend outside. she so very much loves the swing The Mr. made for her.

from iphone 080

May 2014

i’ll watch her swing from my chair inside and see her swing and just talk up a storm to nobody in particular.

something else she’s been into these past 2 weeks (out of nowhere) is dressing up in her “fancy” dress.  and it is way way small.  which kinda stinks b/c we need to hang on just a littttle longer…..  last year i had the great idea for her to wear that and be Fancy Nancy for the school’s Halloween Book Character Parade.  but alas, she was insistent on being Tinkerbell.  but this year we are going to be Fancy Nancy, and now she’s all about wearing the outfit.  which we MUST put shorts under because wow did she grow!

we are looking forward to all that October has to offer.  i am having a girls’ weekend in the mountains (think fall color on mountain views, wine, coffee, massage) and then The Mr. will come join later and bring jovie. so we’ll all have fun at the annual orchard visit and hikes and such.

not to mention a field trip, halloween, and a few parties planned. and hopefully a tent in the backyard or firepit one day.

i hope yours is good, too!


September 9, 2014

so i’ve mentioned before how uncanny jovie has been.  people who know us in person knows about the time she read my mind and asked “mommy, is gum healthy?” at the moment i thought about gum-  even though we don’t chew it in our house; and at that time she had never had a piece herself….

but a couple of weeks ago she did it again.  it prompted me to ask if it’s ESP if my mind is blank.

to be fair- i don’t believe in ghosts or ESP or anything like that.  however, i am documenting a lot of stuff jovie has done through the years just in case she gets her own TV show in the future.

so for who knows what reason she asked me about MY grandparents.  she asked what they were called, and i told her i had a Gramma Gursey, a Nana, and 2 Papas.  I explained that i never knew either of the grandfathers.  and for some reason that wasn’t what she had in mind.  she wanted to know their real names.  so i ran down the list.  i said:   Ida, Catherine, Julius and…….   ummmmm    hmmmmm  uh oh how do i not remember my grandfather’s name?  wow.  ……… ummmmmmm

just as i was about to pick up the phone to text a sis, jovie said “Charlie??”

at that exact moment i remembered his name was Charles.  and i freaked out a little.


6 year old pictures

September 4, 2014

Christina is Amazing as usual! 

While The Mr. was traipsing about in Brazil, Jovie & I met Christina at Piedmont Park for this year’s photo shoot.  Piedmont Park is special to us because it is where The Mr. decided to take a Mrs. 

Things I have realized about photo shoots now that Jovie is 6- 

1. they don’t go quite as smoothly.

2. she’s afraid to smile.

3. Christina can STILL work some magic.

You’ll see if you go to her gallery.  And if you look at years past, you’ll totally understand what I mean.

These photos were a long time coming because I did Jovie’s Year Six book, and there wasn’t a single Christina picture in there and that made me super sad.  Can’t wait for next year’s book.  OK no. of course I can wait!

but just a teaser:

jovie6 collage


quick rundown

September 2, 2014

AAAAhhchooo!    excuse me.  I’m sensitive to dust.  And I guess I should dust off this ol’ blog and say something- anything!

see? i was right.  apparently when kids are older, things become less funny, important, or bloggable.  now that jovie’s in school, i have time to write.  but i don’t have a whole lot to say.

so i’ll just add some tidbits.

1. she’s really digging first grade.  she is reading so very well.  we are still surprised at some of the stuff she just reads to us.  and a little point to “brag” even though i am a former teacher and know this stat means nothing in the grand scheme of things….  we got some class data this past week and jovie was the ONLY kid in her class to know all 300 words that are to be mastered by the end of the year.

2. her teacher is reading Wizard of Oz to her.  so it’s fun for her to tell us about what is going on in the book.  (which is different than the movie of course… makes me want to read it, too!)

3. she learned to snap, tie her shoe & do a somersault all in the same week.

(yes, you read that right….  )

4. she still loves her PE days.  the coach is silly and she likes to show me the new exercises she’s learning.  (burpees anyone?)

5. The Mr. has been traveling some, but we all got to enjoy a fabulously lazy (though chore-filled) Labor Day weekend.

6. Jovie is in “level 2″ ballet class.  which i keep calling “straight up ballet” and i think she thought that was like a different thing.  i wanted her to realize i no longer have to spend $$ on tap shoes each and every year that she wears for 7 mins a week.

she’s liking it.  i was not sure she’d be invited to go up to level 2 because she’s pretty clueless a lot of times.  however, i think she’s well-behaved and tries hard in class.  maybe they recognized that about her.  i also doubted she would want to be in Level 2 because last summer we learned that she will have to do her recital without a teacher on stage.  i’m glad that didn’t scare her off.  she has told me several times that she “will always want to go to dance class”

7. we are also starting a music class to see how that goes.  she loves music & finally worked one into our schedule.  we go tomorrow.

8. which means with Scouts (Daisy!) every other Friday, and OT each week….. we are very very busy.

9. so maybe we will drop music.  we will see how things work out…..

10. she’s growing up too fast.

i hope to write more later this week……..    thanks for your patience!

and then there was this:

August 7, 2014
1st grade ready!

1st grade ready!



Bama Bound

August 6, 2014

We had a quick opportunity to explore one of the 50 again this past weekend. [51 if you count Puerto Roco.... which I intend to!]

The Mr. has been home so much this year so far, but recently has been traveling more.  So we gave Alabama a quick night out.  We decided to go to Birmingham after my research of going to the coast left me with some amount of sticker shock.

Although I can appreciate that a beach house in the summer would be pricey, I wasn’t willing to pay more for 3 days in ‘bama than we paid for TN for a week!

Even though we were gone only one night, we seemed to pack in some good fun.  Of course, we got to go to a play-place science museum.  and then Sunday before leaving, we took a nice hike that Jovie did all by herself (~4mi round trip)





Dad had to join in on the fun


Hello, Birmingham

it was a quick but nice little jaunt.

We certainly look forward to the next state vacation!

photos of birthday fun

July 17, 2014


She got a bed for Clarabelle! So she can save her money for something else now.

She got a bed for Clarabelle! So she can save her money for something else now.

i'm this many

i’m this many

pin the antennae on the butterfly

pin the antennae on the butterfly

all gussied up for The Fox

all gussied up for The Fox

even the bathrooms at The Fox are fancy!

even the bathrooms at The Fox are fancy!

after the performance

after the performance

so fun to be up so high!

so fun to be up so high!


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